Monday, June 29, 2009

Spritzer Cup 2009

The Cagers participated in the Perak Non Chinese Basketball tournament over the weekend in Menglembu, Ipoh. We sent the team for exposure and part of our program to prepare the Cagers 2010.

Cagers won 3 games and lost two. They lost to Manjung team (42:45) and Allsparks, the Champion (38:46). They won against MRSM Pasir Salak (50:2), STAR (38:18) and UTPetronas (35:26). They came in third and the best non chinese school team in Perak.

Five Cagers will participate in the Petronas Cup, National Non Chinese tournament, in Muar Johor next month, representing Pulau Pinang.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Message from the COACH

Dear All,

It is always a difficult task to conduct a post-mortem by any team which had failed to achieve the intended target. Indeed, this is more so for the Cagers who had suffered shocked defeats and eliminated in the preliminary round at the recent concluded HKSBP PHT basketball tournament! Equally it will be typically easy, even without an in-depth analytical finding, to come up with various excuses, reasons and factors that have culminated in this disastrous ending.

After a soul-searching effort over the recent setback, I think, confidently, I have found the positive ways and means to surmount it. It is not necessary for me to elaborate on the complexities of the shocked exit. Instead, believe me, I am now ready to redeem the losing pride and will salvage the grave humiliation inflicted on us by our worthy opponents. Painful it may be, at the same time, it has ignited the temper of a ‘fighter’ and inspired ‘him’ to stage a strong comeback. Come June 2010, Cagers will be ready to take on any formidable opponents. As I had said it earlier that I am a good fighter, always!

I spoke to Tuan Pengetua on 9th June 2009. With his full understanding and firm support pledged by him, I will meet him on 15th June 2009 in his office at 1000 hours. I will then present him an initial training schedule from 15th June 2009 till 19th August 2009 covering the durations of ‘Phase 1 and 2’. After the completion of these two phases, subsequent training schedules will be drawn up till May 2010. In all fairness, I must give myself a chance to win back the coveted trophy that’s to me it all matters. Though it will be a long-long year for me to achieve these intended task, it is deemed to be a ‘ Mission Possible’. From where we had fallen and defeated, from there we will stand up and win again, rest assured.

Personally, I had spoken to our ardent supporters. They have promised to support and sponsor my year long training programmes. I am now openly appealing to all Old Cagers particularly and oldboys in general, who have been generously supporting and financing our basketball programmes all these years to help us in achieving this possible mission.

Thank you

Liew YC

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Melayu nak bunuh melayu


I've been getting a lot of hate comments. Nampaknya still ramai orang melayu kita yang tak senang tengok Melayu lain berjaya. Yang menyedihkan melayu ni belajar kat SBP yang suppose mengeluarkan cream of the crop. This is more like sour cream. If being successful is a crime, then the Cagers are sorry for you. We'll be back stronger and more successful while you will remain in pitiful state and screaming in a dark lone corner.

Hidup Melayu

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

From Sir Liew - The BOMOH

Dear all,

Where do I begin to tell the stories of MC Cagers’ shocked defeats and preliminary exit in the recent HKSBP PHT basketball tournament? First and foremost, may I bring to your attention and highlight on the three main reasons repeatedly and emphatically mentioned by me earlier. These may possibly shade some lights, explain our failure and at the same time ! After winning the coveted PHT in 2008, I went to see Tuan Pengetua in his office when the school terms resumed in June 2008. Besides thanking him for his constant support and confidence given to me, I also seized the opportunity to inform him that next year i.e. 2009 would be very tough for The Malay College Kuala Kangsar to defend the title. Three reasons were then explained to Tuan Pengetua.

Firstly, as I would be engaged with other personal commitments, as such I would not be able to coach the team full time as what I had been doing since September 2003 till May 2008. I had promised to draw out the training schedules for the Cagers. Towards this end, I had submitted a comprehensive training schedules to Tuan Pengetua only on 30 December 2008 after a lapse of 5 ½ months. By then, I had realised that without my physical presence there, Cagers had not shown any marked improvement in their basketball skills.

Secondly, Cagers in 2009 in general were not well exposed and also lacked of experience in competitive tournaments. In all fairness to the present form 5 Cagers, ONLY 4 OF THEM, they are indeed the ‘victims’ of unavoidable circumstances! Since they were in Form 2 till Form 4, they did not have the opportunity to take part in both the U-14 (Taiping Invitation) and U-16 (Penang Open) basketball tournaments. Neither they had the chance to play outstation friendly matches like their seniors at Manjung, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Taiping and Penang. The reason being the focus then was not on them. Equally there was no extra driver in MC to take them out for friendly matches. Admittedly, these two factors have contributed greatly to the disastrous ending for the present Cagers!

Thirdly, I had also clearly made it known to Tuan Pengetua that other SBPs’ basketball teams have engaged states’ coaches and former national players to coach them respectively. I had even specifically singled out SMS Kuching, SDAR, MOZAC and SMSTMFP as Cagers’ main rivals in 2009.

Well, much had been said thus far, and be it may so, I, as a coach shall be fully responsible for failing to lead the team even into the second round of this prestigious tournament. Though being humiliated, believe me, I am a good ‘ fighter’ ! The going may appear to be very tough in wrestling back the coveted trophy from the new champion. Do give me a chance, a year, your moral support and more importantly your generous financial contribution, I will be ever ready and prepared to face the tough-going challenge, rest assured! Come June 2010, please make yourself presence at the basketball court of SMS Pasir Puteh, Kelantan and be ready for your traditional ‘Bung Wak’and then proudly sing your hearts out the anthem of The Malay College Kuala Kangsar!

For your information, training will resume on 15 June 2009 as scheduled, in preparation of HKSBP PHT grand final in June 2010. Time and tide wait for no man and it is practically true and cruel for a 61 years old man! As Saudara Ihsan Ismail, has put it rightly or rather to be exact, painfully, it will be a long, long, long year particular for him from June 2009 to June 2010. Saudara, just be patient! Do take my sincere advice by listening to the song sang by Miley Cyrus.

I am pretty sure that the lyrics of the song will be able to soothe your suffering mind and mend your broken heart. Believe me too, like a phoenix, Cagers will rise from the ashes and fly above the blue sky again!

…….. There’s always going to be another mountain

I’m always going to want to make it move

Always going to be an uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side


The Post PHT 2009 pre report

My Dear Beloved Cagers (Old & Present)

Thank you for all the care that you've shown to me. I'm OK, disappointed yes, but I'm OK. It will be a while before the disappointments will go away. I knew it was going to be difficult for us to defend the championship after seeing all our opponents at their respective zone tournaments. I was still confident we can still make it the the final at least. I can accept the losses but what irked me the most is the way we lose. The Cagers were outran and outplayed in the 4th quarter! I've always stressed to all Cagers; our opponents can only match us in the first half, second half is our time. No one can keep up with us in the second half. However, this time, the opposite is true.

The Cagers 2009 have gone thru a tough time. They lacked games exposure early in their career. They struggled to hide their inexperiences and lack of size problems. The opponents realize this and took the advantage to rattle the Cagers. It worked! The Cagers 2009 gave their level best but their stamina and inexperience of playing big games let them down. They couldn't rally when the score wasn't on their side. It was embarassing to see that and I DON'T like the helpless feeling, especially in the 4th quarter.

Cagers 2010 will have to redeem the Cagers reputations and they will have to go thru a tough physical training program. We will be BACK!