Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Cagers' year end camp

The Cagers trained inside the Gym when it rained.

Listening to the Coach

In front of Prep School at 6:45 am. Getting ready to go to the Big School Court.

The Cagers going thru their dribbling session. They have to sharpen up their dribbling skills to overcome their lack of heights. Hope fully they will be able to dribble their way out of trouble.

The Sifu is watching closely on the Cagers' drill.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cagers 09 December training camp

It has been a while since I update this blog. I was away on spiritual mission (Haj) for the last 2 months. A lot has happened to the Cagers; 1) The Juniors managed to retained the MCKK U-15 Invitation (Tun Haniff Trophy) championship, 2) Clobbered by the Cameron Highland District teams and 3) Clobbered again by a team from Singapore. All these clobbering reminded me of 2007 team. 2007 Cagers was clobbered, slaughtered to be precise, by a team from Penang in the Jawi U-16 tournament. That happened while they were adjusting to life without the 06 Cagers. They rebounded well from the experience by becoming the first Q4G team to record a century (103) in the Final PHT game. Hopefully the 2009 team will create their own record.

The December camp is important to the 2009 Cagers. We are building a brand new team, a different team from our previous teams. The game plan will take advantage of their main strengths, speed and stamina. They have to outrun their opponents. The Cagers 2009 have the personnel to do it.

will be reporting, hopefully daily, during the camp.