Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia International High School Basketball Tournament 2010

The schedule
Cagers will be participating in the Malaysia International high Schoolasketball Tournament 2010 in Port Dickson from 29 - 31 December 2010. 4 teams will be playing, 2 from Malaysia and one each from Indonesia and Singapore.  Cagers will be sending the U17 team.  Hopefully they can match the other U18 teams.

This will be the last tournament for Cagers 2010.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Camp in UPM (KTDI)

The Cagers are in KTDI, UPM for their Annual Year End Camp. A total of 28 Cagers are going thru for the selection to represent Cagers in the upcoming Malaysia International High School basketball Tournament 2010 in Port Dickson.  We will choose the best and fittest players for the tournament.

The notice at the Dewan Serbaguna, Pusat Sukan UPM

Cepe and his'brother' Chow
The first 3 days, Cagers struggled with their fitness issues.  Sir has to start slowly with the training programs, giving the Cagers time to settle in.  The Oldboys came on the 19th Dec to test the Cagers and their own stamina.  Syafiq 04, Didi 04, Bob 04, Gto 05, Cepe 05, Migi 05, Zaid, Azran 96, Ikram 94, Pakdin 92, Halim 77 and Beg 76 and his family were there to enjoy themselves.

More report to come.....


Cagers and Old Cagers with the New Score Board
The old Cagers dropped by for another friendly on Sunday 26th Dec. Again the Old Cagers were beaten, despite showing some superb plays for the first 5 minutes!  Try again, maybe during OBW 2010.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hoops Station U16 & U14

The Cagers sent 2 teams for the tournament, U16 and U14.  However we were allowed to register only 8 players per team.

The Cagers U 16 consisted of Abang, Hisyam, Iqbal, Danial, Nabil, Openg, Razzin and Chou. They breezed thru the first round by beating Lok Foo 41 - 34; despite the distractions, Yuk Chai (we thought they were the Fav team) 53 - 16 and Thunder 44 - 17.  The games were played 7 mins per quarter. It benefited the Cagers because they were and still are, not fully fit due to Holidays.

The second round is still in progress but the Cagers lost narrowly to Survival 44 - 45.  They led all the way until the last second, a  lucky throw in the last second did it.  6 Cagers turned up, the rest were on holidays with their families.  The Cagers were saddle with early foul problems and that restricted their play, with only 1 sub.  Abang was injured early in the 4th quarter further aggravated the lack of personnel issue.  They need to win against Kuala Langat on Wednesday 15 Dec to play for the 3 - 4 placings on Friday.  Abang is still nursing his injury, hopefully the other players can cover for him.

Cagers U14; Nabil Aiman, Syed Nabil, Farhan, Syahmi, Ahnaf, Nuraiman and Nadzrey, won their first game against Newbies 33 - 13 but lost badly to Chee Wou Banting 18 - 55. A change in schedule for their last game put a dent, a big dent in their hopes to move on to 2nd round.  We managed to get only 5 players for the game against A-team. However, a BIG thank you to all parents for bringing your sons to the game despite the VERY short notice. They lost the game badly, though.  Despite all that, it was very encouraging to see the fighting spirit and commitment of the boys and their family. I know it is not easy to come to Subang Jaya (with all the JAMS) for practice and game. THANK YOU daun keladi :-)

Update: Cagers U16 lost to Kuala Langat 23 - 34.  They played their second  worst game in the tournament. Nothing was falling in and their defense were none existence. They were very nervous.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friendly vs SDAR

SDAR Redwings dropped by for 2 friendly games 9 Nov.

Blocking out the bigger opponents
Cagers started well against SDAR.  SDAR players were bigger, however Cagers managed to block out effectively.  Farhan managed to control the paint by using his body to frustrate SDAR.  Joe was deadly with his outside shots and Syahmi managed to control the game despite being the smallest on the court.
Cagers U14 began to tire in the 2nd half.  SDAR seized the opportunity and used the size advantage well to score inside.  Junior Cagers didn't have the stamina to continue playing well. They lost 9 points to SDAR.

U 16
This time the size between the two teans about the same.  The Cagers seized the opportunity early and hitting their shots.  The new first 5 combination worked well.  Cagers defended superbly through out the game.  The 2nd team played all through the last quarter and managed to keep the pressure on SDAR.  The Cagers hit 12 3-pointers in the game. Final score, Cagers won 75 - 47.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cagers in Kampar part II

The Form 1 in action

Cagers U15 vs Kampar U15
Team building session
The Cagers were in Kampar for several friendly games against Kampar Teams.  OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Saleh 78 hosted the Cagers for 3 days during the Deepavali Weekend.

4th Nov 2010 vs Pei Yuan (SUWA)
Cagers started nervously, they struggled to to score and failed to block out the bigger Pei Yuan players defensively.  They trailed 5 - 17 after the 1st quarter.  The Cagers regrouped and showed better performance in the 2nd half.  They defended better and able to block out the opponents more effectively.  They led Pei Yuan 26 - 23 at the half.
The Cagers used the superior fitness against the tiring Pei yuan players.  The Cagers played a faster tempo and managed to outscore Pei Yuan 13 - 8 during the 3rd quarter to lead 39 - 31.  The second team took over in the 4th quarter and continued playing well.  Final score, Cagers won 55 - 44. 

5th Nov 2010 Cagers U15 vs Kampar U15
The Juniors struggled to contain the bigger opponents and were overwhelmed in the 1st quarter. They trailed 3 - 14 at the break. 2nd quarter, Cagers showed marked improvements.  They managed to contain the Kampar district team and began scoring.  They trailed 16 - 22 at the half.
The 3rd quarter: the fitter juniors outran the tiring Kampar team.  They outscored Kampar 21 - 16, to close in 37 - 38 after 3rd quarter.  Kampar tried to run with the Cagers in the last quarter.  The lead changed several times, Cagers managed to keep their cool and won the game with free throws.  Final score Cagers 49 - Kampar 47

Cagers vs Kampar U17
The seniors started slowly again, struggled against Kampar U17.  Cagers trailed 5 - 17 after 1st quarter.  The Cagers played better defensively in the 2nd quarter, they outscored Kampar 9 - 6 in the 2nd to trail 14 - 23 at the half.
The Cagers continue to struggle in the 2nd half.  The second team couldn't handle the bigger opponent.  Cagers lost 30 - 55 to Kampar U17.

6th November Cagers U13 vs Kampar
The Form 1 showed their potential by winning their game against Kampar.  This was their first full game and managed to play a good game to contain their opponents.

Several team building activities were held and the Cagers showed their abilities to think outside the box. Hopefully, they can show it on the court too.

We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to OCPD Kampar, Supt. Aziz Saleh 78 and family, Sargent Johan, Mak & Pak Uda for the excellent hospitalities.  Terima kasih daun keladi....

Also thanks to Sir Anand for the full support.

Monday, November 01, 2010

SBP 3-on-3 North Zone

Champion: Iqbal, Syafiq I & Hisyam (Form 4)
Runners-up: FarhanNabil & Joe (Form 2)

3rd Place: Basyar, Chou & Sharimi

Cagers sent 14 teams (8 teams for SBP U16 North Zone, 6 teams for Open U13) to participate in the recently concluded 3-on-3 carnival at SunTech City Penang.  7 teams won their grouping games and advanced to the Quarterfinals.  The Cagers eliminated each other and the form 2 team lost to SMSTSS main team. 3, 2 Form 4s and a Form 2 teams advanced to the semi final plus the SMSTSS team. The Form 2 team created an upset by beating the SMSTSS team and advanced to the final.  Cagers 1 (Abang, Hisyam and Iqbal) won after beating Form 2 (Farhan, Joe and Nabil) in the final.  They will represent north zone in the National 3-on-3 next year in Subang.

The Form 1 teams managed to enter the second round and were eliminated by the more experienced teams from Penang.  It was a good learning experience for them, playing against the chinese teams from Penang.

We would like to thank Cikgu Anand, Pengetua MC and the parents for giving the permission, support and financing the Penang outing

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perak U 16 inter district

Cagers lost their final game against Ipoh-Kinta District 28 - 59.  They were outplayed by the bigger Ipoh-Kinta district team.  Cagers struggled badly in the first half, managed to score only 7 points.  They played better in the second half but still couldn't match a more experience opponents.

Overall it was a good tournament for Cagers despite losing all their matches.  They've gained valuable experience playing against bigger and aggressive opponents.  This is the first tournament they are playing as a team.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cagers vs Sg. Siput District

Cagers played against Sg. Siput District team last night. Sg. Siput is tipped to be the champion in this tournament after beating favorites Ipoh by a point in previous game.

Cagers started slowly and shakily in the 1st quarter. They had troubles scoring. This was their first night game and they had problems adjusting to the lights.  However they managed to slow down their opponents by playing good defence. The refs missed a lot of calls, especially pushing and 3-seconds violations.  The game deteriorated and turned aggressive.  They lost 9 - 13 after the 1st quarter.

The second team also struggled with the opponent's aggressiveness. However, they managed to play much better compared to the previous game last week.  Sg. Siput used the size advantage well by pushing the Cagers in the paint. Cagers trailed 21 - 31 at the half.  Playing at night really affected the Cagers' shootings.

The Cagers managed to narrow the score during the 3rd quarter.  They trailed 31 - 35 half way thru the quarter.  Sg. Siput resorted to playing aggressive basketball.  The Cagers were intimidated and struggled to trail 31 - 43 after the 3rd quarter.

4th quarter were not really playing basketball, more to like playing rugby on the basketball court. The Cagers fought back by started playing aggressively.  That affected the rhythm. Cagers lost badly in this quarter to lose the game 43 - 69.

It was an aggressive game, the Cagers's gained experience playing an aggressive opponent. The refs failed to control the game early by missing a lots of calls.  After repeated complaints from us, they started making the proper calls in the 2nd half.  By then the game has turned very aggressive.  Playing at night also affected the Cagers by missing a lot of their shots, even the free throws.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perak U 16 inter district

Cagers 2011

Cagers 2011 lost their opening match against Larut Matang Selama District 51 - 58 in the Perak U16 tournament.  The Cagers are representing KK district.

The first team; Syafiq I, Iqbal, Hisyam, Danial, Joule and Syarimi manage to hold their own against LMS team. They led 18 - 15 after the 1st quarter.

The second team; Apes, Rushdi, Basyar, Razzin, Nabil, Azmi failed to keep the momentum and lead. They were overwhelmed by LMS second team in the 2nd quarter to lose 28 - 35 at the half

The second half, Cagers managed to hold LMS close to trail 35 - 46 after 3rd quarter. 4th quarter, Cagers used their better fitness to narrow the score to lose 51 - 58.

Overall, Cagers performed well not to lose with bigger margin to more experience and bigger LMS team.  The second team failed to play the normal game. They were nervous and lacked game temperament.  LMS took advantage to outscore the Cagers 22 - 10 in the 2nd quarter.  Hopefully the Cagers will gain valuable game experience and will perform better next Saturday against Sg. Siput.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perak Inter-Districts U-16 Basketball Tournament

The Cagers 2011 are given the honour to represent Kuala Kangsar District in the Perak Inter-Districts U-16 Basketball Tournament (Farmcochem Cup).  The tournament will start on 16 Oct 2010 at Sg Siput covered court.
Schedules of preliminary round for Cagers are as follows:-
17 Oct 10,  1700 hrs   Cagers Vs Taiping. 
23 Oct 10,  2100 hrs   Cagers Vs Sg Siput.
24 Oct 10, 1945 hrs    Cagers Vs Ipoh.
29 Oct 10,  S/final
31 Oct 10 Final.

It will be a good exposure for the Cagers as the format of the game will be 6 players for the first quarter and the other 6 for second quarter.  The second half all 12 players are allowed to play.  This will allow all players to be involved.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tsung Wah 100 Years Celebration 3-on-3

Cagers participated in the 3-on-3 tournament hosted by Tsung Wah during their 100 years celebrations.  The details were sketchy but team Syafiq I, Iqbal and Hisyam came in 3rd.  Waiting for the full news from KK.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Perak Non Chinese Tournament Results

Q-4-G Cagers won two out of three games and were the runners-up.

Q-4-G Cagers vs STAR won 73 - 26
Q-4-G Cagers vs TLDM won 82 - 61
Q-4-G Cagers vs UiTM Bota lost 51 - 60

Not too bad for Q-4-G Cagers which comprised 7 players from 2011 Cagers and 5 Q-4-G players.  Next tournament would be the National Non Chinese Tournament.
Q-4-G Cagers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perak Non Chinese Tournament

Cagers will be participating in the Perak Non Chinese tournament from 25 - 26 Sept 2010 in Ipoh. 7 Form 4s plus 5 old Cagers will be playing.

25 Sept, Saturday
9:30 am, Cagers vs STAR; 
5:15 pm, Cagers vs TLDM (Lumut). 

26 Sept, Sunday
10:45 am, Cagers vs UiTM (Bota). 

Venue: Gunung Rapat (Ipoh) covered court.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cagers 2011

The Cagers 2011, Form 4 to Form 1, were in Ipoh, Stadium Indera Mulia,  for a special training session with Mr. Tan Kee Hian, ex National Team point guard.  They were taught basic basketball drills and training program to improve their individual skill.
The Cagers stayed on to watch the NBL games between KL Dragon vs Bintulu and Perak FarmCo vs Sabah. It was a good outing for the Cagers 2011.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Comments from the Coach

Yes, losing 2 main players in the 1st 5 min really made a world of difference, especially AM who's our tallest/best player! Had he not been injured accidentally, and if we're the winner, AM would be voted as the MVP, undoubtedly!

Only after the game was over then I came to know from Dr Sallehin and his beloved wife Dr Narimah, both of them're busily attending to Am, how serious and critical was his freak injury!!! According to Dr Sallehin, blood's literally "springing out' from AM's nose and he took quite sometime to put a stop to it! AM could only resume his play in the last 7 min. Even by then the score's marginally shown with a slim 4-6 points different, to our disadvantage!
As a coach, I'll humbly shoulder the full responsibility for failing to bring back the trophy to koleq.My only consolation is:cagers'd redeemed their pride in beating MOZAC 12 points,SEMASHUR twice, 18 & 24 points, respectively! From this view point, Cagers'd successfully accomplished the mission in their path of redemption, though admittedly I'd failed to achieve the other intended objective of QUEST FOR GLORY (Q4G)!

At this juncture, I would like to register my heartfelt appreciations,in general, to all those who've thus far supported Q4G, be it morally and financially! Equally, I would like to tender my special thanks, particularly to Dr Sallehin, hardly could I imagine without your medical assistance what'd happen to Ammar who's attacked by a severe cramp from 11.15 pm on 1 JUN till 4.00 am on 2 JUN, Dr Narimah, who's now actively/effectively playing 'another' motherly role side by side with Ana. Dr Siti Rohani who'd sent Am for an X-ray at the hospital of Machang, YBhg Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz who's always readily rendered his sport science knowledge to me and the Cagers, MCOBA KELANTAN for their warm hospitality, YB Dato' Saifuddin and Datin Norlin for their special care in arranging such a nice/comfortable accommodation for this 'old' coach.....well, well, well, far too many kind-hearted supporters I can list them down here..... A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you.....MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS ALL OF YOU!"
Cagers 2010

Friday, June 04, 2010

PHT 2010 Report

Cagers 2010 with MCOBA Kelantan
Syukur, Alhamdulillah, the Cagers have qualified for the Piala Hamdan Tahir National finals for the 8th consecutive times as North Zone Champions.  This year, 2010 Hari Kecemerlangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP) is held in SMS Pasir Puteh, Kelantan from 31st May till 4th June 2010.
This year 9 teams were divided in three groups; A, B and C.  The Cagers were group together with SMS Hulu Selangor (Semashur) and SMS Sultan Muzaffar Shah (Mozac), the death group of the tournament. Semashur and Mozac were last year’s semifinalists and both have beaten Cagers in 2009. The boys were placed at SMS Machang for the whole tournament.  After suffering upset losses in 2009, the Cagers were eager to show what they can do in 2010. 

MC Cagers vs. MOZAC
1st June 2010, 5:00 pm Court 2, SMS Pasir Puteh
The game was scheduled at SMS Machang at 3:00 pm but was postponed due to rain and played at SMS Pasir Puteh after the girls games were move to an indoor court.  El, Ammar, Am, Iqbal and Syafiq Ihsan started cautiously for Cagers against Mozac.  The nervousness was apparent in the early minutes.  However, they played excellent defense in the first quarter by limiting Mozac to only 5 points and scoring 14 points themselves.  In the 2nd quarter, Cagers’ 2nd team had troubled containing Mozac’s guards.  They managed to score a lot from the fast breaks and narrowed the score at the half.  Cagers still led 32 – 26.
Cagers regrouped in the third quarter and managed to slow down Mozac.  Cagers led 44 – 36 after the 3rd quarter.  Cagers continued their excellent defence in the 4th quarter and their better stamina helped to close down Mozac.  Cagers won 64 – 52.
Offensively, the Cagers struggled however the defence improved as the game continued. The main players were used sparingly in the game because the Cagers have another important later tonight.

MC Cagers vs. Semashur
1st June 2010 9:45 pm, Court 5, SMS Machang
Semashur played in the morning and were rested, while Cagers finished their previous game against Mozac at 6:45 pm.  The winner will top the group.  The Cagers were sluggish early in the game. However they defended superbly against the bigger Semashur players.  Cagers controlled the board well by blocking out much taller players. Cagers led 21 – 7 after the 1st quarter.
Semashur took advantage of their size in the 2nd quarter after Cagers showed signs of tiredness. Cagers managed to keep the game close in the 2nd quarter to lead 36 – 24.  Cagers rested several starters in the 3rd quarter, second team struggled against Semashur first team.  Cagers managed to hold to lead 50 – 41 after 3rd quarter.  The 4th quarter were played at a slower pace as both teams rested the main players for tomorrow’s morning 2nd round game.  The second team took advantage and overwhelmed Semashur’s second team.  Cagers won 67 – 49.
Cagers were drawn together with SESMA and SMS Kuching in the second round; while SDAR, SBPI Gombak and Semashur were in the other group.  Ammar suffered body cramps after the game and he was badly affected for the whole tournament.

MC Cagers vs. SESMA
2nd June 2008, 3.00 pm Court 5, SMS Machang
The Cagers started well and controlled the game from the start.  Their main mission in the game is to slow down Siddiq, Sesma main player and captain.  The Cagers managed to control Siddiq by double teaming him whenever he had the ball and completely deny him when he hadn’t.  The game plan worked and the Cagers led 25 – 5 after 1st quarter.  The 2nd team continued the excellent play and continued denying Siddiq the ball.  The Cagers led 33 – 15 at the half.
The main players were rested because the Cagers have a night game later against SMS Kuching, the defending Champion.  However, the 2nd team continued playing well.  Sesma couldn’t answer Cagers aggressive defending and fast breaks. Cagers led 67 – 29 after the 3rd quarter.  In the 4th quarter, Cagers continued to cruise along and won 89 – 39.  Cagers’ best game in the tournament.
Words of encouragement from Coach

MC Cagers vs. SMS Kuching
2nd June 2010, 9:00 pm Court 5, SMS Machang
The game against SMS Kuching started cautiously.  SMS Kuching was well rested by playing a game earlier in the morning.  Cagers had just finished their game against Sesma at 5:30pm.  The 1st quarter started slowly, Cagers were trying to figure out SMS Kuching game plan. Cagers trailed 11 – 20 after the 1st quarter.  The 2nd quarter, Cagers gave a better performance and managed to narrow down the score to trail SMS Kuching 25 – 31 at the half.  The 3rd quarter started well with the Cagers defending superbly.  The Cagers took the lead after 3rd quarter 46 – 39.
Semashur created an upset by beating the favorite team SDAR on the other court.  Semashur topped group X and will play runners up group Y in the semifinal.   With that news, Cagers decided to meet Semashur in the semifinal.  The main players were rested while Cagers were still leading.  The 2nd team couldn’t handle SMS Kuching and lost the game 56 – 68.
Cagers were Group Y runners up and will meet Semashur in the semifinal while SMS Kuching will play SDAR in the other semifinal, a repeat of 2009 final.
MCOBs at the game

MC Cagers vs. SMS Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR)
3rd June 2010, 9:00 am Court 5, SMS Machang
Cagers started aggressively against Semashur.  They held Semashur to 14 points while scoring 17 in the 1st quarter.  Cagers continued their excellent play by limiting Semashur to only 9 points in the 2nd quarter while scoring 26 to lead 43 – 23 at the half.  The 2nd team continued the game after the main players were rested.  They managed to hold Semashur at bay in the 3rd quarter to lead 63 – 43.  The 4th quarter saw the Cagers increased the lead by playing good defence and scoring with the fast breaks.  Cagers won 86 – 62 and will meet SMS Kuching in the final.  The decision to rest the main players in the game against SMS Kuching earlier was justified.
Cagers' bench and supporters

The Final
MC Cagers vs. SMS Kuching
4th June 2010, 8:30 am Court B, SMS Pasir Puteh
Cagers were represented by their main five after Ammar managed to recover from his injuries suffered during the 2nd game.  Cagers started superbly by playing tight 2-1-2 zone defense.  Cagers managed to stop SMS Kuching's penetrations and forced them shoot from outside.  Cagers executed the offense plays well and Am was playing superbly defensively and offensively.  Cagers were leading after 6 minutes of play.  However Am broke his nose after going for an offensive rebound and Ammar took a nasty knock on his thigh while trying to score in the next play.  Both of them were out of the game and Cagers struggled without them.  3 team doctors attended to Am's nonstop bleeding and broken nose.
Cagers trailed 10 – 13 after 1st quarter.  Despite losing 2 main players, Cagers regrouped and managed to hold the bigger SMS Kuching players at bay in the 2nd quarter to trail 26 – 29 at the half.  Shah and Izzat played well in place of injured Am and Ammar.  Cagers managed to keep it close after 3rd Quarter 36 – 40.  In the 4th quarter, SMS Kuching began to take advantage of their bigger sizes and start penetrating again to create easy baskets.  Cagers trailed by 4 points with 4 minutes to go and decided to gamble by putting Am back in, with the ok from the doctors.  Am was badly affected by his injury and tried to keep the Cagers close by scoring several baskets.  In the eagerness to attack, Cagers were exposed defensively and SMS Kuching took advantage to score several baskets on quick counter attacks.   The 3 pointers were not falling for Cagers as well.  SMS Kuching won 60 – 50 to retain their championship.
It was a heartbreaking loss for Cagers, they played gallantly and keeping the game close despite losing 2 main players early in the game.  The strategies were working well with the main players on the court.  However it wasn’t meant to be.  The struggle continues….
Am playing with cotton in his nose

On behalf of the Q-4-G team, I would like to express our deepest appreciations to the following:

  •                Mr. Liew for his undying commitment in driving The Cagers to excellence.
·       The MCKK HM, Mr. Rauhi; PK 1 Mr. Safuan; PK HEM Mr. Fairuz; PK Kokurikulum, Tn. Hj. Roslan; Cikgu Rizal and Cikgu Fatimah, MCKK staff and supporters who were involved directly or indirectly towards achieving a higher level of excellence in MCKK basketball.
·         The continuous support from MCOBA, especially Mr. President TS Mac
·         Support from MCKK Foundation, especially JakLi ’76.
·         YB Dato’ Saifuddin for the excellent lodging in Machang.
·         MCOBA Kelantan for the hosting Cagers in Machang, support and cheers during games;
·         MCOBA Northern Chapter for hosting Cagers in Sg. Petani during the North Zone tournament
·         Old Cagers; thank you for your invaluable contributions and endless moral support towards the project.  Once a Cager, always a Cager!
·         Brothers Uniqorn 76 – 80 for the support.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

PHT 2010 Reschedule

Latest schedule from SBPSK.

Cagers will be playing against MOZAC at 3 pm June 1st at Court 5, SMS Machang.  The next game against SEMASHUR at 9:30 pm same day, also at Court 5.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Notes from KK - May 2010

This morning at 26th May at 9.30 am, Tuan Pengetua gave a motivational talk to the Cagers who will be leaving for Pasir Putih, Kelantan on 28 May 2010 in his conference room.  The much-desired talk was my personal request made to Tuan Pengetua earlier.  Well prepared with his brief talk, Tuan Pengetua'd very much timely indeed, boosted the morale of the Cagers!  A good motivator by nature, his words of encouragement given to the Cagers in general, and the confidence placed on me particularly, have really fired us up to face the forthcoming challenges in SMS MACHANG and SMS PASIR PUTIH.  PK I, PK HEM, PK KOKU and Cikgu Fatimah were also present at the gathering.  Words of advice and encouragement were given to the Cagers by the respective PKs too!  I was given the honour to say a few words; briefly but emphatically I thanked Tuan Pengetua and PK KOKU for their strong support and full cooperation rendered to me!  I reiterated loudly what I'd earlier said to Tuan Pengetua:  FROM WHERE WE'D FALLEN, FROM THERE WE'LL RISE AGAIN! Tuan Pengetua then presented the 12 Cagers with the elegantly chosen Nike basketball shoes, sponsored by the old cagers, respectively! A tea reception was also readily prepared for us.

Sir Liew Yong Choon

What other people said about Q4G

Received this in an email forwarded to me.  Someone is trying to do what we've been doing since 2003.  Good to know that we are setting the standard for others to follow.  The support from MCOBs, especially the Old Cagers, have been tremendous.  Not forgetting the Koleq/t/k's admins, the parents, MCOBA and the branches (especially North and Kelantan Chapter).  Special mention to my fellow brothers, UNIQORN 1976-80.  It has been a long journey!

Dari tahun2 yang lepas semasa PPM, apa yang saya perhatikan MCOBA amat prihatin untuk motivate their B'ball players, e.g their first team players stayed at hotels (while their 2nd team who are also the supporters stayed at the sekolah tuan rumah), they had good jerseys and all with uniform branded b'ball boots and of course, a bunch of MCOBA supporters. 

Sorry, have to edit this blog. Somebody is not happy when I put the full email in my blog. :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cagers' RnR in Taiping

The hosts

Getting the BBQ ready

Acting busy

The bountiful spread

Bila nak makan ni??

It's mine!

Karaoke session after Dinner

Coach doing the entertainment

The Coordinator trying to entertain as well

The Cagers were invited to spend a weekend in Taiping, at Dr Sallehin and Dr Narimah residence for a RnR session after a tough month of training.  They enjoyed themselves with bountiful spread of BBQ for dinner and sumptuous breakfast and lunch the next day.

They also enjoyed some karaoke sessions.  Everybody has to sing, including the coach, manager and coordinator.  Sunday morning, the Cagers went thru a team building session.

Overall, it was a fun weekend.  The karaoke session was good, the team building was effective and the foods were GREAT and the hosts were WONDERFUL.

Thank you to Dr. Sallehin (too bad he couldn't join the fun), Dr. Narimah, Aishah and Syafiq @ Badak for opening up their house and hosting the Cagers.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

MC - RMC Weekend

Pre game talk

Huddling before the game

Cagers in action

Post game talk

The Cagers are in Sungei Besi Camp this weekend for the Annual MC - RMC Weekend.  They played against RMC yesterday.  The main players were rested and the second team played all the way.  We need to finalise 2 more places for the Finals and 6 players are fighting for it.

The Cagers started shakily while adjusting to each other.  RMC scored the first basket, The Cagers managed to keep their composure and start to attack all the way.  The game was one sided even though the referees were trying their very best to make it exciting by missing a lot of calls, blowing one sided calls and even allowing RMC playing with six players. The inexperienced table officers compounded the problems further by not keeping the fouls count and even recording the statistics wrongly.

Despite all that, the Cagers played on and managed to win 92 - 38. YBhg Dato' Dr. Ramlan dropped by and managed to talk to the Cagers urging them to stay strong and continue in the Quest.  Several oldboys and parent were there to see the game, thank you all for coming.

The next game will be in SMS Machang, REDEMPTION.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cagers in Kampar

The Welcoming Banner for Cagers in Kampar

Cagers 2010 in front of the Banner

Presentation by OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Salleh 78

After the presentation
The Cagers were in Kampar, Perak for the Police Day 203 celebration under the community policing program.  Kampar OCPD, Supt Aziz Salleh invited Cagers to play against 2 Kampar school teams.  

Cagers U15 had no problem against SN Pei Yuen (SUWA) winning 66 - 46, U17 managed to beat SM Pei Yuen (SUWA) U18 63 - 46.  The second day the U15 won against SM Pei Yuen 58 - 50 while the U17 lost to SM Pei Yuen U20 46 - 53.  HM and PK Koku attended the game, officiated by Adun Tualang Sekah YB  Cik Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi (anak and adik MCOBs).  SM Pei Yuen is MSSD Kampar Champion and they roped in their former players to help play against the Cagers.

The last day, Sunday, Cagers U15 thrashed SM Idris Shah, Gopeng while U17 lost narrowly to SM Idris Shah 43 - 44 after a controversial foul call by the inexperience referee.  The second team played all the way after the first team was rested after two tough games.

We would like to thank OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Salleh and his staff (All Abang and Kakak Police) for inviting the Cagers and being an excellent host.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aktiviti Cagers & IPD Kampar sempena Hari Polis ke 203

Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kampar telah berbesar hati menjemput Cagers untuk mengadakan beberapa perlawanan dengan pasukan Daerah Kampar sempena Peringatan Hari Polis ke 203.
YB Dato' Lee Chee Leong, Tim. Menteri Luar Negara, merangkap Ahli Parlimen Kampar akan merasmikan pertandingan ini pada 17 April 2010.
Jadual Aktiviti Cagers diKampar

16 April 2010
5:00 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK (SUWA) Pei Yuen U-15
6:15 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK (SUWA) Pei Yuen U-18

17 April 2010
3:00 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK Pei Yuen U-15
5:00 pm Ketibaan para jemputan
5:15 pm Ketibaan YB Dato' Lee Chee Leong
5:30 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK Pei Yuen U-18

18 April 2010
9:00 am Lawatan ke IPD Kampar
2:30 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK Idris Shah U-15 Gopeng
4:00 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK Idris Shah U-18 Gopeng

OBW 2010

Lining up before the game

Exchange of Banner by Capt 1990 and Capt 2010

Salam before the battle

The oldboys went back to KK for the OldBoys Weekend.  It was a good and fruitful weekend for Q4G.  We managed to raise some funds and also BEAT the oldboys team 115 - 21.  The Cagers were too fast for the oldboys.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cagers' HKSBP schedule

Cagers are scheduled (tentatively) to play against SEMASHUR on June 1st at 9:30am, Court A SMS Machang. The next game against MOZAC at 3:30 pm Court B, SMS Machang.

REDEMPTION time!!!!!

The next round will start on June 2nd.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Training Partner

Yesterday, Saturday 3rd April, Cagers welcomed a new training partner.  The new partner was exposed to training Cagers' Style. They spent the whole day training on their defensive tactics.  All of them were ecstatic and ready for more sessions with the Cagers

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HKSBP Grouping

Just got back from a meeting with BPSBPSK Ministry of Education in Putrajaya this morning.  A total of 9 schools will participate in Piala Hamdan Tahir and 10 schools will participate in Piala Toh Puan Zainab. They are divided into three 3 groups as follow

Group A
SMS Kuching
SBPI Gombak

Group B

Group C
SMS Hulu Selangor

Group A

Group B
SMS Kuching

Group C
SMS Pasir Putih
SBPI Gombak

Top two teams will move on to the next round (X & Y).  Top 2 teams from X & Y will cross and play in the semifinal.  The final will be on June 4th, 7:30 am for Girls and 9;00 am for Boys in SMS Pasir Puteh.  Girls will be staying and playing at SMS Pasir Puteh while the Boys will stay and play at SMS Machang.

We couldn't ask for a better grouping.  Insyaallah we'll have our REDEMPTION this year.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tentative grouping for HKSBP 2010

This year's grouping would probably the same as last year's except for SMSTMFP and SESMA.  Cagers will be grouped together with Central Champ, East Coast Champ, South Runners-up and East Malaysia Runners up.  



MSSDKK X Country

MCKK emerged as the overall champions in both U-15 n U-18 categories, MSSDKK, cross-country held at SMK Temenggong, Liman Kati.  More than 12 schools in KK District took part in this event. Each school was represented by 6 students in the respective categories.
MC got 3rd (Ayip), 4th, 5th (Azmi), 6th, 8th n 15th in the U-15 category; 6th (Iqbal), 8th (Shah), 9th, 10th (Chip) n 12th (El) in the U-18 category!  The top six in each category will represent KK to take part in the MSSPK cross-country at Larut Matang on 9-10 April 10.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HKSBP North Zone 2010

Cagers won their 8th North Zone Championship in Sg. Petani. Although it was more of an iron man contest rather than a basketball tournament, the Cagers breezed through all their games.  The Cagers showed they are a class above all SBPs in North Zone. However, they broke their 'Janji Keris' and they owed me 10 rounds of suicide.

Overall, the Cagers showed they are back with vengeance. They outran, out-hustled and  outlasted everybody.  They were still playing at full speed when their opponents were coasting.  All the games were played with 7 minutes nonstop (around 5 minutes total playing time) per quarter. The results as follow:

vs SBPI Kubang Pasu  88 - 18
The Cagers started nervously. They regained the composure and started pressing the SBPI Kubang Pasu.  First team played for a quarter and the second team took over.

vs SMS Pokok Sena  100 - 10
The Cagers started well after overcoming the early tournament jitters. They played well to limit Saina's offence while hitting their shots. First team played for a quarter and second team played the rest. The biggest score in the tournament despite playing a total of 28 minutes.

vs SBPI Gopeng  65 - 12
Cagers continued their superb performance and still playing at full speed despite having played 2 games in the morning.  First team hardly played at all.

vs SMSTSS  50 - 23
Finally Cagers were slowed down, not by the opponents but by rain. It was raining and the Cagers could use their speed advantage.  Luckily the shots were falling in and SMSTSS also having difficulties in playing in the rain.

vs SERATAS 43 - 4
SERATAS tried to intimidate the Cagers by playing tough basketball.  They used their body, especially the legs, to slow down the Cagers.  Their basketball teacher was heard shouting to the players 'to give it' to the Cagers.  The Cagers responded by showing they also can give it too.

vs SMS Kepala Batas 49 - 2
Kepala Batas is a new school and the players are not ready for this tournament.

Semifinal vs SMS TSPutra  85 - 23
SMSTSP lost their final grouping match to STAR and they have to face the Cagers in the semi.  The Cagers managed to contain the SMSTSP players well by playing a variety of defensive styles. The Cagers also managed to execute the offensive game efficiently.

Final vs STAR 50 - 10
Anti climax! STAR couldn't offer any resistance at all. Their players were tired after playing a tough semifinal against SMSTSS an hour before the final.  The Cagers cruised all the way! The first team hardly played.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MCOBA Northern Chapter for their wonderful hospitality. The College administrator for the support in our training activities.
  1. Sdr Abuzar (thank you for the lovely lunch for the whole contigent),
  2. Sdr. Fauzi 75(for the mineral waters and presence), 
  3. Sdr Ermal 89 (for the mineral waters, bananas and presence thru out), 
  4. my fellow batchmates Ridzuan 80, Khalil Raba 80 and Ajoi 80
  5. Dr Salehin and family
  6. Azran 96 and family
  7. M 07 and Azim 09
I was in Muar for the South Zone, especially to see Adik playing for STF (She did well and STF beat TKC 52 - 26 to win the South Zone).  SDAR won against MOZAC.  SDAR played well and they will be the favorite in Pasir Putih.  SMS Kuching will have problems defending their title.  SDAR point guard was the MVP and he deserved it. He played well, cutting in and feeding their tall players. Zainuddin of SMS Kuching will have problems containing him.  Hambali also played well and will create problems for Abg Elna of SMS Kuching.  MOZAC couldn't keep the intensity going to the end, SDAR cruised all the way.  Pasir Putih going to be interesting!

East Coast SESMA beat SMS TMFaris Putra 53 - 51, Central SEMASHOR won against SBPI Gombak.  Looks like the same teams will be in Pasir Putih.  Cagers! it will be REDEMPTION time.