Monday, September 27, 2010

Perak Non Chinese Tournament Results

Q-4-G Cagers won two out of three games and were the runners-up.

Q-4-G Cagers vs STAR won 73 - 26
Q-4-G Cagers vs TLDM won 82 - 61
Q-4-G Cagers vs UiTM Bota lost 51 - 60

Not too bad for Q-4-G Cagers which comprised 7 players from 2011 Cagers and 5 Q-4-G players.  Next tournament would be the National Non Chinese Tournament.
Q-4-G Cagers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perak Non Chinese Tournament

Cagers will be participating in the Perak Non Chinese tournament from 25 - 26 Sept 2010 in Ipoh. 7 Form 4s plus 5 old Cagers will be playing.

25 Sept, Saturday
9:30 am, Cagers vs STAR; 
5:15 pm, Cagers vs TLDM (Lumut). 

26 Sept, Sunday
10:45 am, Cagers vs UiTM (Bota). 

Venue: Gunung Rapat (Ipoh) covered court.