Thursday, May 27, 2010

PHT 2010 Reschedule

Latest schedule from SBPSK.

Cagers will be playing against MOZAC at 3 pm June 1st at Court 5, SMS Machang.  The next game against SEMASHUR at 9:30 pm same day, also at Court 5.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Notes from KK - May 2010

This morning at 26th May at 9.30 am, Tuan Pengetua gave a motivational talk to the Cagers who will be leaving for Pasir Putih, Kelantan on 28 May 2010 in his conference room.  The much-desired talk was my personal request made to Tuan Pengetua earlier.  Well prepared with his brief talk, Tuan Pengetua'd very much timely indeed, boosted the morale of the Cagers!  A good motivator by nature, his words of encouragement given to the Cagers in general, and the confidence placed on me particularly, have really fired us up to face the forthcoming challenges in SMS MACHANG and SMS PASIR PUTIH.  PK I, PK HEM, PK KOKU and Cikgu Fatimah were also present at the gathering.  Words of advice and encouragement were given to the Cagers by the respective PKs too!  I was given the honour to say a few words; briefly but emphatically I thanked Tuan Pengetua and PK KOKU for their strong support and full cooperation rendered to me!  I reiterated loudly what I'd earlier said to Tuan Pengetua:  FROM WHERE WE'D FALLEN, FROM THERE WE'LL RISE AGAIN! Tuan Pengetua then presented the 12 Cagers with the elegantly chosen Nike basketball shoes, sponsored by the old cagers, respectively! A tea reception was also readily prepared for us.

Sir Liew Yong Choon

What other people said about Q4G

Received this in an email forwarded to me.  Someone is trying to do what we've been doing since 2003.  Good to know that we are setting the standard for others to follow.  The support from MCOBs, especially the Old Cagers, have been tremendous.  Not forgetting the Koleq/t/k's admins, the parents, MCOBA and the branches (especially North and Kelantan Chapter).  Special mention to my fellow brothers, UNIQORN 1976-80.  It has been a long journey!

Dari tahun2 yang lepas semasa PPM, apa yang saya perhatikan MCOBA amat prihatin untuk motivate their B'ball players, e.g their first team players stayed at hotels (while their 2nd team who are also the supporters stayed at the sekolah tuan rumah), they had good jerseys and all with uniform branded b'ball boots and of course, a bunch of MCOBA supporters. 

Sorry, have to edit this blog. Somebody is not happy when I put the full email in my blog. :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cagers' RnR in Taiping

The hosts

Getting the BBQ ready

Acting busy

The bountiful spread

Bila nak makan ni??

It's mine!

Karaoke session after Dinner

Coach doing the entertainment

The Coordinator trying to entertain as well

The Cagers were invited to spend a weekend in Taiping, at Dr Sallehin and Dr Narimah residence for a RnR session after a tough month of training.  They enjoyed themselves with bountiful spread of BBQ for dinner and sumptuous breakfast and lunch the next day.

They also enjoyed some karaoke sessions.  Everybody has to sing, including the coach, manager and coordinator.  Sunday morning, the Cagers went thru a team building session.

Overall, it was a fun weekend.  The karaoke session was good, the team building was effective and the foods were GREAT and the hosts were WONDERFUL.

Thank you to Dr. Sallehin (too bad he couldn't join the fun), Dr. Narimah, Aishah and Syafiq @ Badak for opening up their house and hosting the Cagers.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

MC - RMC Weekend

Pre game talk

Huddling before the game

Cagers in action

Post game talk

The Cagers are in Sungei Besi Camp this weekend for the Annual MC - RMC Weekend.  They played against RMC yesterday.  The main players were rested and the second team played all the way.  We need to finalise 2 more places for the Finals and 6 players are fighting for it.

The Cagers started shakily while adjusting to each other.  RMC scored the first basket, The Cagers managed to keep their composure and start to attack all the way.  The game was one sided even though the referees were trying their very best to make it exciting by missing a lot of calls, blowing one sided calls and even allowing RMC playing with six players. The inexperienced table officers compounded the problems further by not keeping the fouls count and even recording the statistics wrongly.

Despite all that, the Cagers played on and managed to win 92 - 38. YBhg Dato' Dr. Ramlan dropped by and managed to talk to the Cagers urging them to stay strong and continue in the Quest.  Several oldboys and parent were there to see the game, thank you all for coming.

The next game will be in SMS Machang, REDEMPTION.