Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friendly vs SDAR

SDAR Redwings dropped by for 2 friendly games 9 Nov.

Blocking out the bigger opponents
Cagers started well against SDAR.  SDAR players were bigger, however Cagers managed to block out effectively.  Farhan managed to control the paint by using his body to frustrate SDAR.  Joe was deadly with his outside shots and Syahmi managed to control the game despite being the smallest on the court.
Cagers U14 began to tire in the 2nd half.  SDAR seized the opportunity and used the size advantage well to score inside.  Junior Cagers didn't have the stamina to continue playing well. They lost 9 points to SDAR.

U 16
This time the size between the two teans about the same.  The Cagers seized the opportunity early and hitting their shots.  The new first 5 combination worked well.  Cagers defended superbly through out the game.  The 2nd team played all through the last quarter and managed to keep the pressure on SDAR.  The Cagers hit 12 3-pointers in the game. Final score, Cagers won 75 - 47.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cagers in Kampar part II

The Form 1 in action

Cagers U15 vs Kampar U15
Team building session
The Cagers were in Kampar for several friendly games against Kampar Teams.  OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Saleh 78 hosted the Cagers for 3 days during the Deepavali Weekend.

4th Nov 2010 vs Pei Yuan (SUWA)
Cagers started nervously, they struggled to to score and failed to block out the bigger Pei Yuan players defensively.  They trailed 5 - 17 after the 1st quarter.  The Cagers regrouped and showed better performance in the 2nd half.  They defended better and able to block out the opponents more effectively.  They led Pei Yuan 26 - 23 at the half.
The Cagers used the superior fitness against the tiring Pei yuan players.  The Cagers played a faster tempo and managed to outscore Pei Yuan 13 - 8 during the 3rd quarter to lead 39 - 31.  The second team took over in the 4th quarter and continued playing well.  Final score, Cagers won 55 - 44. 

5th Nov 2010 Cagers U15 vs Kampar U15
The Juniors struggled to contain the bigger opponents and were overwhelmed in the 1st quarter. They trailed 3 - 14 at the break. 2nd quarter, Cagers showed marked improvements.  They managed to contain the Kampar district team and began scoring.  They trailed 16 - 22 at the half.
The 3rd quarter: the fitter juniors outran the tiring Kampar team.  They outscored Kampar 21 - 16, to close in 37 - 38 after 3rd quarter.  Kampar tried to run with the Cagers in the last quarter.  The lead changed several times, Cagers managed to keep their cool and won the game with free throws.  Final score Cagers 49 - Kampar 47

Cagers vs Kampar U17
The seniors started slowly again, struggled against Kampar U17.  Cagers trailed 5 - 17 after 1st quarter.  The Cagers played better defensively in the 2nd quarter, they outscored Kampar 9 - 6 in the 2nd to trail 14 - 23 at the half.
The Cagers continue to struggle in the 2nd half.  The second team couldn't handle the bigger opponent.  Cagers lost 30 - 55 to Kampar U17.

6th November Cagers U13 vs Kampar
The Form 1 showed their potential by winning their game against Kampar.  This was their first full game and managed to play a good game to contain their opponents.

Several team building activities were held and the Cagers showed their abilities to think outside the box. Hopefully, they can show it on the court too.

We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to OCPD Kampar, Supt. Aziz Saleh 78 and family, Sargent Johan, Mak & Pak Uda for the excellent hospitalities.  Terima kasih daun keladi....

Also thanks to Sir Anand for the full support.

Monday, November 01, 2010

SBP 3-on-3 North Zone

Champion: Iqbal, Syafiq I & Hisyam (Form 4)
Runners-up: FarhanNabil & Joe (Form 2)

3rd Place: Basyar, Chou & Sharimi

Cagers sent 14 teams (8 teams for SBP U16 North Zone, 6 teams for Open U13) to participate in the recently concluded 3-on-3 carnival at SunTech City Penang.  7 teams won their grouping games and advanced to the Quarterfinals.  The Cagers eliminated each other and the form 2 team lost to SMSTSS main team. 3, 2 Form 4s and a Form 2 teams advanced to the semi final plus the SMSTSS team. The Form 2 team created an upset by beating the SMSTSS team and advanced to the final.  Cagers 1 (Abang, Hisyam and Iqbal) won after beating Form 2 (Farhan, Joe and Nabil) in the final.  They will represent north zone in the National 3-on-3 next year in Subang.

The Form 1 teams managed to enter the second round and were eliminated by the more experienced teams from Penang.  It was a good learning experience for them, playing against the chinese teams from Penang.

We would like to thank Cikgu Anand, Pengetua MC and the parents for giving the permission, support and financing the Penang outing