Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More PHT pictures vs SMS Kuching: Defending Champion

Danial, at the free throw line

Nabil Sufyan, leading the attack.

Abang, comtemplating another 3 pointer

Apez, passing of the ball

Monday, May 30, 2011

More PHT photos

The pillars of Q4G

Double champs wt their parents

The 2011 MVP

Post PHT

The TREBLE Champions and the new Legends.......
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post PHT

The Champion

Captain with the MVP trophy

What a feeling! The PHT is back in KK

Thank you boys for coming all the way from KK to support your Cagers and thank you  Sir Anand for making it possible

Together with Sir Anand

Monday, May 23, 2011

PHT 2011

Cagers won their first game against SMSTMFP, Kelantan 43 - 18.  They started badly, again. Missed their shots and made unforced mistakes. They lost the first quarter 6 - 8.
Luckily they managed to regroup in the second quarter and played good defense to hold Faris scoreless in the 2nd quarter.  They Cagers build a big lead at the half.
Some starters were rested at the start of third quarter. The second team took over and maintain the pressure. Razzin played well to control the offensive board.
Overall Cagers need to start better and pressure the opponent. Next game against SEMASHUR..
Cagers won against SEMASHUR 45 -21. The first game jitters are gone. Cagers took off flying at the jumpball.  They pressured SEMASHUR into making mistakes and execute their offence superbly. Abang and Hisyam began hitting the threes. They allowed SEMASHUR to only 1 point in the 1st quarter.  The 2nd quarter, Cagers continued the good play to frustrate SEMASHUR further.  They lead by 25 points at the half.  Second team took over at the second half and managed to play as well as the first team.
Cagers were group champ and grouped together with SMS Kuching and SEMSAS in the second round
Cagers continued the good start against Kuching. Danial exerted himself early to send a warning to Kuching.  Abang and Hisyam continued hitting the threes. Iqbal did the damages inside quietly. Apes was flying in from the left for easy lay ups. They overwhelmed the defending champion early. Cagers led by 25 point at the half.  The second team took over again in the second half.  This time they couldn't match the scoring power of the first team. However they managed to match SMS Kuching basket per basket. Final score Cagers won 44-22.
Next game against SEMSAS.
Cagers started sluggishly after playing the best game in the tournament against defending champion SMS Kuching last night.  They just couldn't get going, luckily they defended well. They led 7 - 6 after 1st quarter. The  Cagers couldn't shake of the sluggishness and continued their slumber in the 2nd quarter. They managed to lead 20 - 16 at the half.  The captain struggled to inject some life into the team.  The pep talk during half time didn't seem to be effective. Cagers managed to nurse a slim lead 34 - 28 after 3rd quarter.  2 mins left in the fourth quarter, Cagers led 41 - 32. A miscommunication between the manager and the players.  The manager persuaded the coach to leave the Cagers' bench, after replacing the first team with the second team.  The second team couldn't handle the pressure without the coach on the bench.  They crumbled and SEMSAS scored the last 12 points within the last 2 minutes to win 44 - 41.
Cagers advising each other during the last timeout against SEMSAS, a minute and a half to go.
It was the worst game for the Cagers in the tournament after being left coachless in the last minute....Luckily they've won with a big margin against SMS Kuching so they can afford to lose this game with a small margin and still top the group.
Cagers started cautiously against SEMASHUR after playing the worst game earlier in the morning against SEMSAS.  Hisyam and Iqbal played well in the first to keep the Cagers ahead 23 - 17.  Danial took over in the second quarter to keep the lead 43 - 25.  Cagers struggled when the second team played in the 3rd quarter, despite a tremendous effort from Razzin. The lead narrowed to 58 - 42 after 3rd quarter.  Razzin continued his superb rebounding to keep the Cagers on front   The second team managed to keep SEMASHUR at bay to win 81 - 56.
Cagers (Hisyam, Apes, Iqbal, Abang and Danial) started well against SDAR  Iqbal dominated the inside game against the bigger SDAR players with his fakes and turning.  Cagers hit 3 3-pointers in the quarter (2 by abang and 1 from Hisyam).  Cagers led 15 - 10 after the 1st quarter.  Cagers struggled in the second quarter.  The main players were in foul-troubles trying to contain the SDAR players. Abang managed to hit 1 3-pointer in the quarter. Cagers led 28 - 23 at the half.
SDAR began closing in during the 3rd quarter.  Luckily for Cagers, they managed to hit another 3 3-pointers (2 by Abang and 1 from Hisyam) in the quarter to keep SDAR at bay Cagers led narrowly 42 - 41 after the 3rd quarter.  SDAR managed to regain the lead temporarily in the 4th quarter.  All of sudden the Cagers started to hit 3-pointers to frustrate SDAR whenever they took the lead or closing in.  The Cagers managed to hit 6 more 3-pointers in the quarter (4 by Abang and 2 from Hisyam), including 4 consecutively.  SDAR couldn't answer the 3-points barrage from the Cagers.  SDAR used their size well to keep the score close by scoring inside freely when 2 main Cagers, Razzin and Danial, fouled out.  Abang was playing with 4 fouls in the last 5 minutes.  Final score Cagers 65 SDAR 58.
Cagers created a record by hitting a total of 13 3-pointers in the game (more than the Lakers in their game against Mavericks).  The most ever by Cagers in the history, with Abang hitting 9 of them and Hisyam 4.  It was a good final game.  Abang was chosen the MVP for the tournament.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final tune up game

Cagers lost the final tune up against NAVY by 14 points.  However the coach was satisfied with their performance despite the loss.  They played against the tough Sailors and managed to give a good fight despite the big difference in age and size.

Several players are recovering from minor injuries and overall the team is ready to quest for glory again......