Saturday, May 26, 2007

Letter from Cepe

Received this email from Cepe, the Cagers 05 Captain and MVP. He's in Sydney, Australia doing his degree (Hope he doesn't mind me posting his email here!). The Cagers are getting ready to defend their PHT for the fourth time consecutively and twelveth overall. The fourth consecutive would be a record in the tournament.

Ok, don't ask me why I suddenly come out with this, no valid answer. Spontan je, tibe2 rase nk menulis. Haha. Please convey this to the boys eventhough I realize that I'm giving them no clear message pun, the whole idea is vague. Anyway all the best retaining the cup n please convey my warmest wish to all, especially Mr. Liew. I'll try give a call nanti if possible.
Salam from Sydney,

I heard that you guys are doing terrific jobs in your preparation en route to the forthcoming PHT. Congratulations for what you have achieved but always bear in mind that the journey doesn't stop there- never rest on the laurels of past glories and contemplate on easy path ahead, at least not until the final whistle of the final game is blown and you're officially crowned as the champion.

In my frame of mind as player back then, I remember winning as the sweetest feeling you could ever imagine to experience. Well, sweet when you take in unbearable hard works that you've put in into account. Some say that it's plain silly to go that far and gain that little- after all you'd only be walking on the stage and claim your medal, then five years of sweat is finished- but I reckon for us the scope of winning reaches far, far beyond that.

I vividly remembered crying when we lost in 2003 simply because it hurt when we try to come to the term of being in the losing side. For me, the loss seemed endless. I bet none of you guys had ever experienced anything similar or even close to that, and hopefully never will. Yes I cried again the next two years, but it was the flip of the story. I believe with all my heart that this is the kind of story that you guys are trying to create and live with forever.

Being part of the CAGERS was one of the highlight of my college life; in fact probably the best bit of all. To be presented with the chance to don college jersey, and ultimately strolled on the podium of success I reckon are the greatest honor one could dream of when they set their steps into the college ground. I was lucky enough to have the taste of them both, and I'm sure you guys have too. But lest we forget, for we humans are always forgetful, the pursuit of success, as far as I know, never has a full stop. My batch or Aliep's would simply give up to those tormenting suicide drills whatnots and decide not to work to retain the cup if early on we were complacent with what we had spectacularly achieved in 2004. My college days are over, but you guys still have those incredible opportunities to put in every effort and give everything you can to lift up the good name of college. Being the CAGERS, pretty much you're blessed with every opportunity to do just that.

Life as CAGERS, I reckon, throws us way beyond the unambiguous line of the sacred basketball court or the recurring sound of afternoon dribbles, whether you like it or not. Well, if it doesn't, would you expect those throngs of old boys to unwaveringly come back to the college basketball ground time and again, leaving their wives and kids on weekends to merely savor a moment playing with kids they barely know? Learning to play basketball in college and becoming CAGERS in this sense, for me, run parallel to learning to live a real life, and becoming a man.

Of course, at the end of the road, the success that everyone embraces is merely a team label; it does little to reflect one's true color. One still ought to jump the hurdles and wade through the road, unless he feels what he did is already enough. The biggest sin is perhaps to brag about wearing college's name while in fact you've got nothing inside your pocket.

In Mr. Liew we have a wonderful, greatest treasure one could ever ask for, while continuous support from Abang Ise, Kak Ana, Cikgu Jimmy and old boys alike as in previous years will prove to be the driving force and provide the thrust for further success. I wish the very best of luck and every success in your endeavor of retaining the cup, you guys can surely make it!
Best regards,