Sunday, February 27, 2011

Notes from KK, part 2

The Cagers are behind schedule in training due to the raining seasons in KK, however they would not have much trouble qualifying in the coming north zone, insyaallah.

If ANY oldboys were to disturb the training program, the coach is willing to discuss in the nearby squash court. Bring your own gloves, ya.  Be aware!!!  

I'm just writing down all the comments from KK for my own record.  Please don't hate me.....

HKSBP North Zone 2011

This year's HKSBP North Zone will be in SMS Bagan Datoh from 9 - 11 March 2011.  Went to recce the place on the way back from KK.  There is nothing there in Bagan Datoh.  It's going to be a hot tournament, weather wise.
Must be brand new courts, two of them!

Back-to-back.  Didn't see anymore courts nearby!

The Astaka facing the field.  The only place with cover!

One of the buildings near the field
The welcoming sign at the entrance

View of the court from the welcoming lobby.
The nearest supermarket is Billion Supermarket, about 25 km away.  Going to be a tough 4 days in Bagan Datoh.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Notes from KK

I'm in KK, getting ready to watch the MCKK Premiere 7, Rugby Invitation.  This song is playing in the air.  I feel the wordings are appropriate for the feelings at the moment:

Ilham dari Pujangga
Berdiam diri bukan ertinya kau kalah
Biar cercaan sekali datang menimpa
Sudah lah memang adat di dunia
Bersuara lah kamu pada perkara berguna
Itulah sifat orang bijaksana
Anak muda itu tidak mati kerana tergelincir kakinya tetapi matinya anak muda itu ialah kerana tergelincir lidahnya
Berdiamlah diri kamu dari benda bukan-bukan, bersuaralah diri kamu kepada perkara memberi kebaikan