Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perak U 16 inter district

Cagers lost their final game against Ipoh-Kinta District 28 - 59.  They were outplayed by the bigger Ipoh-Kinta district team.  Cagers struggled badly in the first half, managed to score only 7 points.  They played better in the second half but still couldn't match a more experience opponents.

Overall it was a good tournament for Cagers despite losing all their matches.  They've gained valuable experience playing against bigger and aggressive opponents.  This is the first tournament they are playing as a team.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cagers vs Sg. Siput District

Cagers played against Sg. Siput District team last night. Sg. Siput is tipped to be the champion in this tournament after beating favorites Ipoh by a point in previous game.

Cagers started slowly and shakily in the 1st quarter. They had troubles scoring. This was their first night game and they had problems adjusting to the lights.  However they managed to slow down their opponents by playing good defence. The refs missed a lot of calls, especially pushing and 3-seconds violations.  The game deteriorated and turned aggressive.  They lost 9 - 13 after the 1st quarter.

The second team also struggled with the opponent's aggressiveness. However, they managed to play much better compared to the previous game last week.  Sg. Siput used the size advantage well by pushing the Cagers in the paint. Cagers trailed 21 - 31 at the half.  Playing at night really affected the Cagers' shootings.

The Cagers managed to narrow the score during the 3rd quarter.  They trailed 31 - 35 half way thru the quarter.  Sg. Siput resorted to playing aggressive basketball.  The Cagers were intimidated and struggled to trail 31 - 43 after the 3rd quarter.

4th quarter were not really playing basketball, more to like playing rugby on the basketball court. The Cagers fought back by started playing aggressively.  That affected the rhythm. Cagers lost badly in this quarter to lose the game 43 - 69.

It was an aggressive game, the Cagers's gained experience playing an aggressive opponent. The refs failed to control the game early by missing a lots of calls.  After repeated complaints from us, they started making the proper calls in the 2nd half.  By then the game has turned very aggressive.  Playing at night also affected the Cagers by missing a lot of their shots, even the free throws.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perak U 16 inter district

Cagers 2011

Cagers 2011 lost their opening match against Larut Matang Selama District 51 - 58 in the Perak U16 tournament.  The Cagers are representing KK district.

The first team; Syafiq I, Iqbal, Hisyam, Danial, Joule and Syarimi manage to hold their own against LMS team. They led 18 - 15 after the 1st quarter.

The second team; Apes, Rushdi, Basyar, Razzin, Nabil, Azmi failed to keep the momentum and lead. They were overwhelmed by LMS second team in the 2nd quarter to lose 28 - 35 at the half

The second half, Cagers managed to hold LMS close to trail 35 - 46 after 3rd quarter. 4th quarter, Cagers used their better fitness to narrow the score to lose 51 - 58.

Overall, Cagers performed well not to lose with bigger margin to more experience and bigger LMS team.  The second team failed to play the normal game. They were nervous and lacked game temperament.  LMS took advantage to outscore the Cagers 22 - 10 in the 2nd quarter.  Hopefully the Cagers will gain valuable game experience and will perform better next Saturday against Sg. Siput.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perak Inter-Districts U-16 Basketball Tournament

The Cagers 2011 are given the honour to represent Kuala Kangsar District in the Perak Inter-Districts U-16 Basketball Tournament (Farmcochem Cup).  The tournament will start on 16 Oct 2010 at Sg Siput covered court.
Schedules of preliminary round for Cagers are as follows:-
17 Oct 10,  1700 hrs   Cagers Vs Taiping. 
23 Oct 10,  2100 hrs   Cagers Vs Sg Siput.
24 Oct 10, 1945 hrs    Cagers Vs Ipoh.
29 Oct 10,  S/final
31 Oct 10 Final.

It will be a good exposure for the Cagers as the format of the game will be 6 players for the first quarter and the other 6 for second quarter.  The second half all 12 players are allowed to play.  This will allow all players to be involved.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tsung Wah 100 Years Celebration 3-on-3

Cagers participated in the 3-on-3 tournament hosted by Tsung Wah during their 100 years celebrations.  The details were sketchy but team Syafiq I, Iqbal and Hisyam came in 3rd.  Waiting for the full news from KK.