Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cagers in Kampar

The Welcoming Banner for Cagers in Kampar

Cagers 2010 in front of the Banner

Presentation by OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Salleh 78

After the presentation
The Cagers were in Kampar, Perak for the Police Day 203 celebration under the community policing program.  Kampar OCPD, Supt Aziz Salleh invited Cagers to play against 2 Kampar school teams.  

Cagers U15 had no problem against SN Pei Yuen (SUWA) winning 66 - 46, U17 managed to beat SM Pei Yuen (SUWA) U18 63 - 46.  The second day the U15 won against SM Pei Yuen 58 - 50 while the U17 lost to SM Pei Yuen U20 46 - 53.  HM and PK Koku attended the game, officiated by Adun Tualang Sekah YB  Cik Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi (anak and adik MCOBs).  SM Pei Yuen is MSSD Kampar Champion and they roped in their former players to help play against the Cagers.

The last day, Sunday, Cagers U15 thrashed SM Idris Shah, Gopeng while U17 lost narrowly to SM Idris Shah 43 - 44 after a controversial foul call by the inexperience referee.  The second team played all the way after the first team was rested after two tough games.

We would like to thank OCPD Kampar, Supt Aziz Salleh and his staff (All Abang and Kakak Police) for inviting the Cagers and being an excellent host.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aktiviti Cagers & IPD Kampar sempena Hari Polis ke 203

Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kampar telah berbesar hati menjemput Cagers untuk mengadakan beberapa perlawanan dengan pasukan Daerah Kampar sempena Peringatan Hari Polis ke 203.
YB Dato' Lee Chee Leong, Tim. Menteri Luar Negara, merangkap Ahli Parlimen Kampar akan merasmikan pertandingan ini pada 17 April 2010.
Jadual Aktiviti Cagers diKampar

16 April 2010
5:00 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK (SUWA) Pei Yuen U-15
6:15 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK (SUWA) Pei Yuen U-18

17 April 2010
3:00 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK Pei Yuen U-15
5:00 pm Ketibaan para jemputan
5:15 pm Ketibaan YB Dato' Lee Chee Leong
5:30 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK Pei Yuen U-18

18 April 2010
9:00 am Lawatan ke IPD Kampar
2:30 pm Cagers U-15 vs SMJK Idris Shah U-15 Gopeng
4:00 pm Cagers U-17 vs SMJK Idris Shah U-18 Gopeng

OBW 2010

Lining up before the game

Exchange of Banner by Capt 1990 and Capt 2010

Salam before the battle

The oldboys went back to KK for the OldBoys Weekend.  It was a good and fruitful weekend for Q4G.  We managed to raise some funds and also BEAT the oldboys team 115 - 21.  The Cagers were too fast for the oldboys.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cagers' HKSBP schedule

Cagers are scheduled (tentatively) to play against SEMASHUR on June 1st at 9:30am, Court A SMS Machang. The next game against MOZAC at 3:30 pm Court B, SMS Machang.

REDEMPTION time!!!!!

The next round will start on June 2nd.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Training Partner

Yesterday, Saturday 3rd April, Cagers welcomed a new training partner.  The new partner was exposed to training Cagers' Style. They spent the whole day training on their defensive tactics.  All of them were ecstatic and ready for more sessions with the Cagers