Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HKSBP Grouping

Just got back from a meeting with BPSBPSK Ministry of Education in Putrajaya this morning.  A total of 9 schools will participate in Piala Hamdan Tahir and 10 schools will participate in Piala Toh Puan Zainab. They are divided into three 3 groups as follow

Group A
SMS Kuching
SBPI Gombak

Group B

Group C
SMS Hulu Selangor

Group A

Group B
SMS Kuching

Group C
SMS Pasir Putih
SBPI Gombak

Top two teams will move on to the next round (X & Y).  Top 2 teams from X & Y will cross and play in the semifinal.  The final will be on June 4th, 7:30 am for Girls and 9;00 am for Boys in SMS Pasir Puteh.  Girls will be staying and playing at SMS Pasir Puteh while the Boys will stay and play at SMS Machang.

We couldn't ask for a better grouping.  Insyaallah we'll have our REDEMPTION this year.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tentative grouping for HKSBP 2010

This year's grouping would probably the same as last year's except for SMSTMFP and SESMA.  Cagers will be grouped together with Central Champ, East Coast Champ, South Runners-up and East Malaysia Runners up.  



MSSDKK X Country

MCKK emerged as the overall champions in both U-15 n U-18 categories, MSSDKK, cross-country held at SMK Temenggong, Liman Kati.  More than 12 schools in KK District took part in this event. Each school was represented by 6 students in the respective categories.
MC got 3rd (Ayip), 4th, 5th (Azmi), 6th, 8th n 15th in the U-15 category; 6th (Iqbal), 8th (Shah), 9th, 10th (Chip) n 12th (El) in the U-18 category!  The top six in each category will represent KK to take part in the MSSPK cross-country at Larut Matang on 9-10 April 10.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HKSBP North Zone 2010

Cagers won their 8th North Zone Championship in Sg. Petani. Although it was more of an iron man contest rather than a basketball tournament, the Cagers breezed through all their games.  The Cagers showed they are a class above all SBPs in North Zone. However, they broke their 'Janji Keris' and they owed me 10 rounds of suicide.

Overall, the Cagers showed they are back with vengeance. They outran, out-hustled and  outlasted everybody.  They were still playing at full speed when their opponents were coasting.  All the games were played with 7 minutes nonstop (around 5 minutes total playing time) per quarter. The results as follow:

vs SBPI Kubang Pasu  88 - 18
The Cagers started nervously. They regained the composure and started pressing the SBPI Kubang Pasu.  First team played for a quarter and the second team took over.

vs SMS Pokok Sena  100 - 10
The Cagers started well after overcoming the early tournament jitters. They played well to limit Saina's offence while hitting their shots. First team played for a quarter and second team played the rest. The biggest score in the tournament despite playing a total of 28 minutes.

vs SBPI Gopeng  65 - 12
Cagers continued their superb performance and still playing at full speed despite having played 2 games in the morning.  First team hardly played at all.

vs SMSTSS  50 - 23
Finally Cagers were slowed down, not by the opponents but by rain. It was raining and the Cagers could use their speed advantage.  Luckily the shots were falling in and SMSTSS also having difficulties in playing in the rain.

vs SERATAS 43 - 4
SERATAS tried to intimidate the Cagers by playing tough basketball.  They used their body, especially the legs, to slow down the Cagers.  Their basketball teacher was heard shouting to the players 'to give it' to the Cagers.  The Cagers responded by showing they also can give it too.

vs SMS Kepala Batas 49 - 2
Kepala Batas is a new school and the players are not ready for this tournament.

Semifinal vs SMS TSPutra  85 - 23
SMSTSP lost their final grouping match to STAR and they have to face the Cagers in the semi.  The Cagers managed to contain the SMSTSP players well by playing a variety of defensive styles. The Cagers also managed to execute the offensive game efficiently.

Final vs STAR 50 - 10
Anti climax! STAR couldn't offer any resistance at all. Their players were tired after playing a tough semifinal against SMSTSS an hour before the final.  The Cagers cruised all the way! The first team hardly played.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MCOBA Northern Chapter for their wonderful hospitality. The College administrator for the support in our training activities.
  1. Sdr Abuzar (thank you for the lovely lunch for the whole contigent),
  2. Sdr. Fauzi 75(for the mineral waters and presence), 
  3. Sdr Ermal 89 (for the mineral waters, bananas and presence thru out), 
  4. my fellow batchmates Ridzuan 80, Khalil Raba 80 and Ajoi 80
  5. Dr Salehin and family
  6. Azran 96 and family
  7. M 07 and Azim 09
I was in Muar for the South Zone, especially to see Adik playing for STF (She did well and STF beat TKC 52 - 26 to win the South Zone).  SDAR won against MOZAC.  SDAR played well and they will be the favorite in Pasir Putih.  SMS Kuching will have problems defending their title.  SDAR point guard was the MVP and he deserved it. He played well, cutting in and feeding their tall players. Zainuddin of SMS Kuching will have problems containing him.  Hambali also played well and will create problems for Abg Elna of SMS Kuching.  MOZAC couldn't keep the intensity going to the end, SDAR cruised all the way.  Pasir Putih going to be interesting!

East Coast SESMA beat SMS TMFaris Putra 53 - 51, Central SEMASHOR won against SBPI Gombak.  Looks like the same teams will be in Pasir Putih.  Cagers! it will be REDEMPTION time.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Is this basketball or Iron man contest?

Received the North Zone schedule from Sir. Kesian budak-budak SBP.  Cagers kena main 4 games during the first day, 2 games the second day. Remember the North Zone 2004 at SEMESTI??

Lagi kesian; the girls, 2nd semifinal at 8:30 am and final at 9:30 am.


X1 – MCKK,
X3 – SMS K Batas,
X4 – SAINA ,
X5 – SBPI  Gopeng,
X7 – SBPI Kubang Pasu.

12 March
8.00 pg : Cagers  vs SBPI Kubang Pasu;
10.00 pg : Cagers vs SAINA;
2.40 ptg : Cagers vs SBPI Gopeng;
4.40 ptg : Cagers vs SMSTSSS.
13 March
 8.00 pg : Cagers vs SERATAS
10.00 pg : Cagers  vs SMS K Batas.
14 March (GEL 'B' Lelaki; GEL 'A' P'puan)
 7.30 pg S/F 1 ( L & P );
 8.30 pg S/F 2  ( L & P ).
(P) 9.30 pg.
(L) 10.30 pg.

P/S: It is a b/ball marathon tournament! 'MAD & CRAZY’!  No problem at all for Cagers! These types of competition schedules will certainly do more harm than good for this sport! So long there are 'jokers', particularly those teachers regardless of their origin of race, who still fail to understand and believe the noble vision/mission of basketball, promote racial integration & harmony, its future development in SBP is deemed to be bleak!

Cameron Highlands II, Feb 2010

The Cagers were in Cameron as a part of fine tuning their training programs. 3 games were arranged with the local team.  Even though the Cagers lost all their games, they showed tremendous improvements.  It will be difficult for a SBP team to beat the Cagers if they keep on improving according to their training schedule.  Hopefully they will play up to their standard in the Regionals.

On the bright side of the trip, the Junior Cagers won all their games.  Their outlasted all their opponents and showed good potential for the future.
The Junior Cagers lining up against SMK Kg. Raja

Against Ringlet U 18

The Juniors in action against Kg. Raja

Group photo

The Cagers in red against Kg Raja U-18 selection

Strategy from Coach

The Juniors in action against Ringlet U-15

The Form 3, 2010

Blocking out bigger opponents

Kalah but still happy!

Mingling with local boys
Notes from Sir:

Though Cagers lost their games: Cagers-Ringlet Selection (U-18) (62-73); Cagers-Kg Raja Selection (U-18) (62-79); Cagers-Ringlet (rematch) (68-72), I'm very pleased with their performance! Despite the fact that Ringlet'd reinforced with another last yr U-18 Pahang state player in the rematch, Cagers're able to put up a good fight till the last qtr. They could walk out of the the court proudly with their heads high! The present cagers know too well that I haven't praised them for a long time. Hardly I could remember when was the last time I had ever uttered a word of praise for them. Routinely what they've got from me are the yellings and scoldings. Now I'm ever willing to praise them loudly, proudly and openly without any reservations! Not too many 'outsiders' are truly aware that how much time and effort thus far that all of you've sacrificed and are now still following the grueling training schedules daily! As your coach, believe me, each drop of your sweats, tears and even blood at times are well rewarded by your excellent performance in the recent 3-losing games! Believe me too, we are at the right path of redemption and 'return to victory' (R2V, appears to be so familiar in sight, though someone had foolishly discarded it). Let's work together with full commitment and dedication as I'm ready to quest for the glory only for the Cagers of The Malay College Kuala Kangsar in June 2010!