Monday, November 19, 2007

Keputusan Pertandingan Piala Board of Governors

The Malay College Cagers has won their latest championship. They won the Board of Governors Trophy last week. A full report will be published later, much later.... The schedule and results as follow:


Group X

Group Y

A. Cagers L

E. Cagers I

B. STAR, Ipoh

F. SERATAS, Taiping

C. SMS Dungun

G. SAS, Putrajaya

D. Cagers J

H. SESMA, K.Terengganu



Cagers L


SMS Dungun

Cagers J



Cagers L


29 – 14


35 – 36


54 – 24





14 – 29



22 – 36


30 – 26




SMS Dungun

36 – 35


36 – 22



48 – 24




Cagers J

24 – 54


26 – 30


24 – 48






Cagers I






Cagers I


25 – 32


33 – 36


42 – 27





32 – 25



36 – 51


32 – 24





36 – 33


51 – 36



47 – 28





27 – 42


24 – 32


28 – 47







Semifinal 1

Cagers L vs SESMA

42 – 27

Cagers I vs Cagers J

22 – 8

Semifinal 2

SAS vs SMS Dungun

54 – 51


28 – 19




Cagers L vs SAS

41 – 28

Cagers I vs STAR

47 – 30

3 – 4 placing

SMS Dungun vs SESMA

57 – 51


Friday, September 28, 2007


I found this article written by Hisham 'Spice' at MCOBA OFFSIDE. It's about the volunteer spirit in MCOBs which is difficult to explain to Non Mcobs. Enjoyed the article and hoped Spice wouldn't mind it appearing in this blog.


As I sat perusing the Centenary Celebration Day booklet, the 2005 Royal Gala Playbill and the 100 Years MCKK Pictorial Book, a few pages were dedicated to individuals that participated in the said events. I believed they were individuals from amongst the OBs that had given their arms, limbs, blood, sweat, money and time to make the events successful ones. It made me wonder about the passion of these unsung heroes whose common denominator was that they went to THAT school in Kuala Kangsar.

PASSION, a word hard to define (the closest Malay equivalent being ‘berahi’), invoking sense of love, craze, obsession, zealous and maybe sex. But these volunteers are passionate people (hopefully similar to their sexual innuendos). They may be ages apart, batches apart or even families apart, but the things they do together to gets things done, and doing it well is something that no other school alumni could emulate, at least for now. These people do not get any monetary gains nor receive tokens of appreciation. To them it dose not matter much for being a MCOB volunteer means the satisfaction of doing and seeing the plans set out is in itself satisfying gain never the least.

Many people wonder how the MCOBA gets their activities and programs done. A justifiable and valid factor is these bands of MCOB Volunteers that turned up, put their neck out and there to stay. All one needs is a champion that leads and the rest are done by these volunteers. Who in their right mind have the audacity to bring 7 elephants from Thailand (without APs), paraded them around KK, and have them bow to the Rulers on the Big Field on 26th March.2005 People might see just the elephants., but they do not see the ‘soldiers –ants’ running around to make the events. There are people handling the protocol, the press and the rain-bomohs’, collecting elephant dung, the Royal Luncheon ‘bouncers’ and even someone handling the Royal Toilet. Sure, they have their names in the Centenary Book but these are just names without faces… just faces in the crowd, so to say. These people would be handling bicycle race like First Cartel akin to Tour de Langkawi, during the Le-Tour 100km around KK in 2004. They would be running to the publishers, literally sitting down together with the typesetters to make sure the Book comes out in time. They would be delivery boys picking and sending artwork from PETRONAS gallery from artist to buyers during the Art Exhibition. They would the ones framing posters into IKEA frames for the exhibition at the National Museum. They would be the one licking MCKK 100 years stamps on the envelope the night before at KK Safari Resort before the launching First Day Cover issue. Yes, MCOB volunteers. …people might not see them, but there are there to make things click.

I am a self-confess MCOB Volunteer Junkies who would find reasons to meet up at MCOBA Penthouse at nights to partake in meetings, rehearsals and maybe talk ‘cock’ once a while. When they meet, they agree to disagree and they disagree to agree. A fatal concoction towards a successful managment and implementation of an event. They might get a free dinner, a free T shirt and a free ‘dog tag’ to hang on their neck and maybe the occasional invites to the President’s Night to much finger food at some up-beat club a token of appreciation. The Bargreaves Ballerz received Royal Neck Ties (to wear on alternate Wednesdays) from Istana Negara for their sterling performance at the Royal Gala 2005. The former MC Cagers were rewarded for their perseverance in coaching the present MC Cagers by winning the Hamdan Tahir Cup year in and year our. The Former Debaters (MC Master Debaters?) hoped their annual debating camp would one day translate in returning the PPM Cup to MC. These MCOBs have a distinct passion that drives them up the NS Highway to KK, at their own expenses and time to the Alma Mater for the common clich├ęs, ‘ back to society.’ I know of a former MC Cager that hosted 20 present MC Cagers over at his terraced house in USJ for the school holidays just for the simple reason for creating team spirit and to gobble up his monthly supplies of groceries within 3 days. Many MCOBs participate in different activities and subcommittees for many reasons. While these are great reasons to get involved, they are not the only incentives for would-be volunteers. Most of the time, making someone's day by just saying "thank you" means that you are the one getting something out of it. It is a win-win situation.

Some "volunteer junkies" are involved in one or more committees Sometimes in one night they might have two or three meetings at the same time .The term volunteer is contested -- there is no one agreed-to definition, and the term is frequently debated. Some say a volunteer is someone who performs or offers to perform service out of his or her own free will, without payment, usually in support of aorganisation initiative or community. An in famous OB once said “You stop volunteering once you volunteered. After that it’s all about commitments.” I guess that’s why they form committees, to fulfill commitments!

Still, there seems to be only a core of MCOBs doing all the volunteer work. Why is it so difficult to expand that core? Sure, some people may not be into volunteering in itself, but if you like basketball, for example, why not put that to work and shoot hoops with the present boys? You'll end up playing a sport you like, while giving attention, friendship and mentoring to kids who may not get as much of those things at home. You’ll end up making a master debater of the kids whilst master debating yourself. The famous phrase of “ask not what MCOBA can do for you, but ask what you can do to MCOBA” is a phrase defining a MCOB Volunteer. As the famous Uncle Sam Poster ‘US Wants You!’ Be a MCOB Volunteer. Be a Junkie…

Monday, August 27, 2007

The New KK Champion 07

The Cagers All Star won the Piala Dato Seri Rafidah Aziz (KK Open) by beating the Defending Champion Kg. Liman Kati Youth in Liman Kati on Saturday. The Cagers All Star won 56 - 53. It was a close game throughout. The Cagers started well by scoring the first five points. Que 05 and Aliep 06 combined to score all Cagers 9 points in the first quarter. The score was tied at the end of the first quarter. The Cagers tighten-up their defense in the second quarter and led 19 - 17 at the half. In the third quarter, the Cagers began making their shots. The Cagers scored three 3-points shots at the end of the third quarter to lead by 7 points at the end of third quarter 40- 33. Kg. Liman Kati went for broke in the fourth quarter by playing full court press which troubled the Cagers All Star initially, but Mr. Liew managed to calm down the Cagers and they began breaking the full court press easily. The Cagers managed to hold on to the lead till the end.

It was a good game with the local supporters were cheering for the youth team. However, the VIPs were impressed with the Cagers performance. YBhg. Dato' Saharudin Mohd Toha, Political Sec to Rafidah, was impressed with the Cagers. "Tak sangka ada team melayu diKuala Kangsar yang pandai main basketball." As an incentive, he agreed to built an indoor court kat KK, Taman Bunga Raya, and upgrade court kat padang polo so the Cagers can train there ;-). When we informed him that the Cagers were the national SBP champ for 4 consecutive times and 12 times overall, he was very impressed. He decided to reaward the Cagers with another trophy during the Hari Penyampaian Hadiah untuk sukan Hari Merdeka on Sept 11. He belanja the whole squad with supper after the game.The Cagers All Star were represented by Cikgu Azmi Jimat 91, Ahmad Syafiq Noh 04 (MVP 04), Mohd. Shafique Hassan 05, Allif Abdul Muiz Abdul Ghani 06 (MVP 06), Ahmad Qassim Mohd 06, Mokri 08, Ammar 08, Justin 08, Luqman 08, Syahmi 08, Naim 08 and Iwan 08.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Piala Dato Seri Rafidah (KK Open) - Cagers All Star

Q4G sent a Cagers All Star team to compete in the Piala Dato Seri Rafidah Aziz (KK Open). The team comprises 7 Form Fours plus Cikgu Jimmy, Syafiq Noh 04, Que 05, Aliep 06 and Qassim 06. Yesterday, they won the first game against Freedom (Tsung Wah Private) 54 - 22. Syafiq Noh started the game with Mokri, Justin, Syahmi and Ammar. The Form Fours played much better compared to their disastrous Spritzer Cup tournament. The Cagers led 16 - 4 after the first quarter and 26 - 8 at the half. Syafiq Noh played well but having some difficulties in following Cagers' rhythm (too fast!!) Que and Cikgu Jimmy played sporadically due to lack of stamina. Aliep and Qassim will be joining them in the next game against Tsung Wah on the 11 August.

18 August

The Cagers All Star won their last group game against KK Market 68 - 35. With the win, the Cagers All Star top their group despite losing a game to Tsung Wah 29 - 48 last week. The Cagers All Star top the group on point difference. The Cagers All Star were represented by Jimmy 91, Que 05, Allif 06, Qassim 06 and the Form Fours.
The Cagers All Star played well with Qassim and Mokri hitting 8 three pointers. The Cagers All Star need to win by 16 points to progress further. Mr. Liew instructed the Cagers to play a full court 2-1-2, making the KK Market veteran team to work hard to bring the ball up. The plan worked when the KK Market players began to tire after the first Quarter. The Cagers All Star pulled away in the second quarter to lead by 25 points at the half. In the third quarter, KK Market tried to go for broke by using the full court press. The Cagers responded well by easily breaking the full court press and extended their lead to 30 points at the break. The KK Market players were a spent force in the last quarter and the Cagers All Star breezed thru and won the game 68 - 35. The locals spectators were impressed with the Cagers All Star. It was a different game compared to the loss to Tsung Wah. Qassim and Allif played a pivotal game by bringing a steady influence and shooting to the team.
The next game is the semifinal against the i-Gate Youth (a KK team). Mr. Liew is hoping to get Syafiq Noh 04 to join the team for the next game. The game will be on 23 August, Thursday at 9:15 pm at Kg. Liman Kati. The Final will be on Saturday 25 August at 8:00 pm, the same place.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Cagers 07-11

The Cagers 07-11 with their coaches, Pari and Hilmi. They are progressing well, learning the basics of basketball (passing, dribbling and layups), while watching the senior team play. They started with 9 players. After the Kenduri Kesyukuran hosted by Rahmat's parents, the number increased to 19. I guess we have to do more kenduris in the future.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

MCKK choses basketball, Rugger & leadership

An article from NST. MCKK chooses basketball as one of their niches. Hopefully, it will come with all the support from all levels; from BOG to the Koleq administrators and PIBG. This would help Q-4-G to concentrate on building the Cagers instead of worrying about the financial aspect of it.

From archery to quizzes, top 30 pick what to excel in

The 30 top schools in the country will specialise in activities such as lawn ball, drama, wind orchestra and horse-riding, paving the way for a more creative and fun learning experience.

While the majority of the schools chose to excel in various sports, some opted for innovative areas such as leadership skills, public speaking, civil defence and historical quizzes.

Top-notch schools such as Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), SMK Penang Free and SMK St John — which are among the 30 cluster schools — have chosen to specialise in sports and school bands.

MCKK proposed rugby and basketball and leadership skills, while Penang Free opted for football, cricket, hockey and school band.

St John suggested archery, hockey and school band.
Others, such as the Orang Asli school of SK Pengkalan Tereh, have opted for swimming, while SK Ulu Lubai, located in the interiors of Sarawak, will improve its prowess in English and sports.

Religious schools such as SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek and SMKA Sharifah Rodziah Melaka will strengthen their Tafsir al-Quran and nasyid activities respectively.

SJK (C) Keat Hwa is concentrating on Mandarin and Tamil school SJK (T) Simpang Lima is specialising in archery, football and choral speaking.

The cluster school list was announced last month. In a bid to boost schools with a track record of excellence, the first 30 schools from a list of 300, were given autonomous powers under the Education Ministry’s cluster-school concept in March.

The move aims to make selected schools less dependent on the rigid centralised education system and push them to greater heights.

They are expected to maintain high academic and co-curricular standards under the monitoring and guidance of the Clusters of Excellence advisory board.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said some schools had started developing their niche areas.

"We want them to be on par with Raffles Girls School in Singapore and other top schools in India and China," he said after unveiling the National Education Blueprint’s mid-year report card in parliament yesterday.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

MCKK Speech & Sports Day

Just got back from KK for the MCKK Speech & Sports Day. The Cagers were well represented in both activities. Mohd Fauzi Mat Jamial won the first prize for Form 3 while the Captain, Rahmat Abd. Rahim won the first prize for Form 5. 4 Cagers were awarded the College Colours for basketball. They were Mohd. Luqman Ahmad Ikram. Zahiruddin Mansur, Mohd. Eizzuan Zamri and Mohd. Hilmi Mohd. Arif.

For the sports day, the Cagers dominated the long distance events. Miki and M won the Class A 800 meter and 1500 meter. Several others won the field event as well. The shot putt, the high jump and several other events. Sulaiman House pipped Ahmad on the last relay events to win the overall Champion. Overall, the Cagers did well, even the Coordinator won the gold medal in tug-of-war, representing the parents.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


The original article and title by YBhg. Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah (Sarp 78) before it was edited and printed in the Berita Harian 9 June 2007. Even the title was changed and several paragraphs has been edited due to space constraint.

Saifuddin Abdullah

Pertandingan bola keranjang lelaki Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) Piala Hamdan Tahir kali ke-32 di Sekolah Menengah Sains Kota Tinggi yang berakhir pada 31 Mei lalu berkesudahan dengan keputusan yang telah dijangka dari awal, iaitu The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) menang perlawanan akhir dengan menewaskan Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban (SASER) 103-62.

Pertandingan tersebut dimulakan pada 1974 di Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS), dan kecuali pada 1998 dan 1999, ia telah diadakan pada setiap tahun.

Dalam tempoh itu, pasukan MCKK, yang menggelar dirinya Cagers, paling banyak menjadi johan, iaitu 12 kali, di samping 4 kali menjadi naib johan.

Ini diikuti oleh Royal Military College (RMC) yang menjadi johan sebanyak 5 kali dan naib johan 10 kali; dan Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (SDAR) yang menjadi johan 5 kali dan naib johan 3 kali.

Cagers satu-satunya yang berjaya menang 3 tahun berturut-turut sebanyak 2 kali, iaitu pada 1981-1983 dan 2004-2006. Pasukan lain yang pernah menang 3 tahun berturut-turut ialah SDAR, iaitu pada 1974-1976.

Dengan kemenangannya kali ini, maka Cagers satu-satunya yang pernah menang 4 tahun berturut-turut, iaitu 2004-2007.

Dalam 20 tahun pertama pertandingan ini (1974-1993), Cagers menjadi johan 8 kali dan naib johan 3 kali. Pada tahun tidak memasuki pertandingan akhir, ia sekurang-kurangnya layak ke separuh akhir. Kerana kejayaannya yang cemerlang itu, maka Piala Hamdan Tahir yang asal telah dihadiahkan untuk simpanan Cagers.

Apakah rahsia kecemerlangan Cagers? Jawabnya ialah jurulatihnya, Liew Yong Choon.

Anak Kuala Kangsar ini graduan Universiti Malaya, menyertai Polis Di-Raja Malaysia sebagai kadet Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP) pada 1975 dan bersara pilihan sebagai Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) pada 1997.

Dalam bola keranjang, beliau pemain Perak (1968), Exco Persatuan Bola Keranjang Amatur Malaysia (MABA) pada 1980 dan Naib Presidennya (1987-1989), dan pengurus pasukan bola keranjang lelaki Malaysia di Sukan Sea 1989.

Dalam Sukan Sea itu, selepas hampir 20 tahun tidak memenangi pingat emas bola keranjang lelaki, kita berjaya memenanginya. Itulah juga kali terakhir setakat ini.

Oleh kerana MCKK tidak mempunyai jurulatih, Liew diundang melatih Cagers mulai pertengahan 1974, iaitu sebelum Piala Hamdan Tahir yang pertama di mana Cagers menduduki tempat ketiga, iaitu di belakang SDAR dan RMC.

Tetapi, keputusan tersebut kurang menarik. Yang lebih menarik ialah pada awal tahun itu, iaitu sebelum Cagers dilatih Liew, ia kalah kepada Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR). Dalam Piala Hamdan Tahir itu, Cagers yang berwajah baru di bawah Liew telah menewaskan pasukan STAR yang sama. Liew telah membuktikan kewibawaannya.

Mulai saat itu, Liew yang ketika itu bertugas di Kuala Lumpur berulang alik setiap bulan, malahan adakalanya setiap minggu, untuk melatih Cagers. Beliau berihat pada 1988- 1989 untuk menjadi pengurus pasukan Malaysia. Beliau kembali melatih Cagers pada 1992-1993 sebelum berehat panjang selepas itu.

Dalam tempoh 20 tahun itu (1974-1993), Liew menjadi jurulatih secara sukarela, iaitu tanpa apa-apa imbuhan. Bukan kerana MCKK atau Persatuan Murid-murid Tua MCKK (MCOBA) tidak menghulurkan apa-apa. Tetapi kerana beliau tidak mahu menerima apa-apa. Sebalik, beliau banyak membelanjakan duitnya sendiri.

Selepas itu, iaitu semasa ketiadaannya selama 10 tahun (1994-2003), Cagers hanya menjadi naib johan pada 1994 dan tahun berikutnya layak ke separuh akhir sahaja. 8 tahun yang berikutnya (atau 6 tahun, kerana tiada pertandingan pada 1998-1999), Cagers bukan sahaja tidak memenangi apa-apa, malahan pernah tidak layak ke peringkat kebangsaan kerana kalah di peringkat zon. Itu zaman kegelapan Cagers.

Pada 2003, atas undangan bekas-bekas Cagers (diketuai Ihsan Ismail yang kini pengurus Cagers, Kushairi Abd Manaf dan Riza Amarallah Beg), Liew kembali menjadi jurulatih. Bekas Cagers menubuhkan program Quest-4-Glory (Q4G) yang lengkap dengan tabung membiayai segala keperluan Cagers. Tetapi Liew masih enggan menerima apa-apa.

Sasaran Q4G ialah untuk menjadi johan semula mulai 2005, iaitu sempena ulang tahun ke-100 MCKK. Tetapi, kehebatan Liew membolehkan Cagers menjadi johan setahun lebih awal, iaitu pada 2004. Kisah seterusnya adalah sejarah bertinta emas.

Cagers menjadi pasukan bolakeranjang yang disegani di Daerah Kuala Kangsar dan juga Pulau Pinang. Mereka pernah dijemput untuk menyertai pertandingan Bola Keranjang Bandar Sungai Siput dan mencipta rekod menjadi pasukan pertama membawa keluar Piala Kejohanan dari Bandar Sungai Siput. Cagers juga dijemput khas untuk menyertai Pertandingan Bola Keranjang Pulau Pinang dibawah 16 tahun (merupakan satu-satunya pasukan dari luar Pulau Pinang). Mereka menunjukkan prestasi cemerlang dan menjadi ‘crowd favorite’ dalam pertandingan tersebut.

Liew membentuk Cagers mempunyai sikap yang betul. Mereka bermain seperti pemain profesional – menguasai kemahiran asas yang tinggi, mematuhi strategi dan taktik yang ditentukan, berstamina, berdisiplin, komited, bersistem dan berlatih sepanjang tahun.

Tetapi, Cagers bukan sekadar pasukan bola keranjang. Ia lebih daripada itu. Ia adalah satu kumpulan ahli sukan yang tidak mempunyai masalah disiplin. Liew dan Q4G membuat peraturannya sendiri bagi memastikan rekod bersih ini dikekalkan.

Cagers juga mempunyai rekod akademik yang membanggakan. Liew dan Q4G menentukan sasaran tertentu. Sesiapa yang gagal memenuhinya tidak dibenarkan berlatih dan bermain untuk masa tertentu. Pernah 2 orang pemain utamanya tidak diturunkan dalam Piala Hamdan Tahir peringkat zon kerana gagal satu kertas peperiksaan.

Q4G menyediakan tusyen oleh guru-guru dari luar untuk Cagers bagi subjek paling lemah untuk SPM. Liew sendiri memberi tusyen bahasa Inggeris, matematik dan sains untuk PMR. Manakala pemain senior digalakkan membantu pemain junior.

Dalam PMR 2003, 2005 dan 2006, semua Cagers, kecuali seorang, mendapat 8A, manakala pada 2004, semua mendapat 8A.

Dalam SPM pula, pada 2004, semua Cagers mendapat sekurang-kurangnya 7A. Pada 2006, seorang mendapat 10A, seorang mendapat 9A dan 2 orang mendapat 8A. Rekod Cagers ialah pada 2005 apabila 2 orang mendapat 101A, seorang mendapat 9A, 2 orang mendapat 8A dan seorang mendapat 7A, di mana kaptennya dan juga pemain terbaik Piala Hamdan Tahir, Ahmad Amirul Hafidz Ab Rahman, adalah pelajar terbaik Malaysia dalam kategori 101A.

Bagi Liew, dan ini mempengaruhi Cagers dan Q4G, bola keranjang bukan untuk MCKK sahaja. Liew mahu mutu bola keranjang meningkat. Justeru, beliau melatih Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) dan membantu Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena, Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud (SESMA), dan, mulai Julai ini, Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC).

Bagi bola keranjang perempuan SBP Piala Hajah Zainab tahun ini, yang diadakan serentak dengan Piala Hamdan Tahir itu, dua didikannya, iaitu SESMA, telah untuk pertama kalinya sampai ke separuh akhir, manakala, STF, setelah 16 tahun kemarau johan, telah berjaya menewaskan Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP), iaitu kuasa utama bola keranjang perempuan SBP, dalam perlawanan akhir.

Ini bermakna tahun ini, Liew mengetuai juara berganda, iaitu MCKK dan STF – satu sejarah yang pertama kali terlakar.

Sesungguhnya, perjalanan Liew melahirkan kecemerlangan Cagers dan kesinambungan Q4G, serta penerimaan orang lain terhadapnya, adalah amalan terbaik (best practice) yang unik dalam semangat dan pendidikan kesukanan yang par excellence.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

34th HKSBP in SMS Kota Tinggi

The Cagers were grouped together with last year's 2 semifinalists and one of the tournament's favorite. No complaints from us because we know as in previous PHT tournaments, the Cagers will ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. They will always put us at the furthest end of the dormitories with the worst facilities (non working lights and fans). Every year, the Cagers will always raise to the occasions and proved it will take more than take to bring us down. This year, the Cagers have proven beyond doubt that they are simply the best in SBP basketball! Read on...

MC Cagers vs. SMS Kuching

27th of May 2007, 9.30 am

The Cagers started slowly, offensively, in the first quarter. They only managed to score 25 points at the half time, but they managed to hold SMS Kuching to only 12 points. The Cagers exploded, offensively, in the third quarter by scoring 27 points and allowed SMS Kuching to score only 3 points. The second five took over in the fourth quarter. The Cagers won the game 61 – 27.

All in all, the Cagers played below their own standard in this opening game and showed apparent signs of nervousness. The scoring was well spread, with Justin leading the score with 12.

MC Cagers vs. SMS Machang

28th of May 2007, 8.00 am

The Cagers started well by scoring 27 points in the first quarter, while holding SMS Machang (last year’s finalist) to only 6 points. The offensive prowess continued in the second quarter with the Cagers leading 48 – 19 at the half. The second five took over in the second half. The Cagers won 86 – 35, the biggest winning margin in the tournament!

The Cagers did well by hitting 9 3-pointers. Syahmi led the scoring with 25 points, making 5 3-pointers.

MC Cagers vs. SDAR

28th of May 2007, 4.30 pm

SDAR was one of the favorites to enter the final. The Cagers struggled against the bigger SDAR players in the first quarter. SDAR used the man-to-man marking on Em, Miki and Rahmat. It failed miserably when Ammar and Justin began hitting their shots. After a pep talk by the coach, the Cagers began playing with confidence. They used their quickness and better stamina to negate the difference in size. Justin began showing his true ability when the SDAR players slowed down in the third quarter. The Cagers pulled away in the third quarter and led by 30 points. Mr. Liew decided to rest the main players and put in the juniors to play in the fourth quarter. The juniors couldn’t contain the SDAR players and began committing too many fouls. SDAR took advantage of the free throw given (20 points) and managed to narrow the score. Cagers won 91 – 79. Justin led the scorers with 23 points, followed by Miki with 22 points. The Cagers committed 23 fouls with Mokri fouled out of the game.

MC Cagers vs. RMC

29th of May 2007, 8.00 am

This was the last game of the pre - round for the Cagers. RMC had to play SDAR in the evening. The Cagers started off sluggishly. The previous game against SDAR seemed to take its toll on the Cagers. The Cagers played too casually against RMC. Luckily RMC couldn’t take advantage of the lapse in the Cagers. Miki, played very well, despite the man-to-man marking by RMC, scoring all his 26 points in the first half, he even outscored the whole RMC team in the half! The Cagers led 33 – 12 at half time. Mr. Liew took out the first five after the third quarter when the Cagers led 48 – 18. The juniors took over in the second half. RMC took advantage of the junior players and managed to make the score more respectable. The Cagers won 51 – 38. Miki led all scorers with 26 points. This is, by far, the worst game for the Cagers in the tournament.


MC Cagers vs. SMS Dungun

30th of May 2007, 8.00 am

The Cagers started cautiously against Dungun. They struggled offensively but managed to defend aggressively against Dungun. The Cagers led 29 – 26 at the half. In the second half the Cagers began hitting their shots. Mr. Liew took out the first five and let the juniors played in the fourth quarter. Cagers won 70 – 49. Miki and Em led the scorers with 19 points each. Em did an outstanding defensive job by shutting down SMS Dungun point guard and their best player while contributing offensively as well.

The Finals

MC Cagers vs. SMS Seremban (SASER)

31st of May 2007, 9.30 am

SASER did Cagers a favor by eliminating SDAR in the semifinal. Even though overall, SASER players are taller, the Cagers are fitter and faster.

The game was over within 7 minutes in the first quarter when the Cagers led 28 – 3. Mr. Liew instructed the Cagers to play full-court press, denying the SASER guards getting the ball to their tall players. The game plan worked well when SASER taller players couldn't get the ball to trouble the Cagers effectively. Em and Rahmat continued harassing SASER guards. Em capitalized on the turnovers by the SASER players to score easy baskets. The second team took over in the second quarter and kept SASER at bay. At the end of the half, the score was 50 – 24. Most of the spectators left the court to see the Debates Semifinals.

The second half continued with the Cagers shooting very well. They made a total of 8 3-pointers in the game, Em and Rahmat contributed 3 each. The score was 75 – 37 at the end of the third quarter. HM was seen urging the Cagers to go for the century during the break.

The final score was 103 - 62; the Cagers emerged triumphant with a margin of 41 points, a record for the highest scoring in any final game of the tournament. It was the only 100 points game in the tournament. Em led with 29 points in scoring. The prize-giving ceremony was held subsequently, with Em being named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Special thanks to Mr. Liew, for his undying spirit and his gift of this 12th PHT, Q4G Project coordinators and supporters, old boys who were there to cheer the Cagers; the college administrators themselves; Mr. Rauhi, the principal, teachers, the players themselves, present boys, supporters, and all those who were involved directly or indirectly.

Four years the Q4G project has been carried out, and four years we tasted victory. Records after records has been achieved and broken. This year the Cagers created history by becoming the first team to achieve 4 in a row (double back-to-back) championships and also breaking the highest scoring game in the finals (103 points).

Q4G continues.................

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Letter from Cepe

Received this email from Cepe, the Cagers 05 Captain and MVP. He's in Sydney, Australia doing his degree (Hope he doesn't mind me posting his email here!). The Cagers are getting ready to defend their PHT for the fourth time consecutively and twelveth overall. The fourth consecutive would be a record in the tournament.

Ok, don't ask me why I suddenly come out with this, no valid answer. Spontan je, tibe2 rase nk menulis. Haha. Please convey this to the boys eventhough I realize that I'm giving them no clear message pun, the whole idea is vague. Anyway all the best retaining the cup n please convey my warmest wish to all, especially Mr. Liew. I'll try give a call nanti if possible.
Salam from Sydney,

I heard that you guys are doing terrific jobs in your preparation en route to the forthcoming PHT. Congratulations for what you have achieved but always bear in mind that the journey doesn't stop there- never rest on the laurels of past glories and contemplate on easy path ahead, at least not until the final whistle of the final game is blown and you're officially crowned as the champion.

In my frame of mind as player back then, I remember winning as the sweetest feeling you could ever imagine to experience. Well, sweet when you take in unbearable hard works that you've put in into account. Some say that it's plain silly to go that far and gain that little- after all you'd only be walking on the stage and claim your medal, then five years of sweat is finished- but I reckon for us the scope of winning reaches far, far beyond that.

I vividly remembered crying when we lost in 2003 simply because it hurt when we try to come to the term of being in the losing side. For me, the loss seemed endless. I bet none of you guys had ever experienced anything similar or even close to that, and hopefully never will. Yes I cried again the next two years, but it was the flip of the story. I believe with all my heart that this is the kind of story that you guys are trying to create and live with forever.

Being part of the CAGERS was one of the highlight of my college life; in fact probably the best bit of all. To be presented with the chance to don college jersey, and ultimately strolled on the podium of success I reckon are the greatest honor one could dream of when they set their steps into the college ground. I was lucky enough to have the taste of them both, and I'm sure you guys have too. But lest we forget, for we humans are always forgetful, the pursuit of success, as far as I know, never has a full stop. My batch or Aliep's would simply give up to those tormenting suicide drills whatnots and decide not to work to retain the cup if early on we were complacent with what we had spectacularly achieved in 2004. My college days are over, but you guys still have those incredible opportunities to put in every effort and give everything you can to lift up the good name of college. Being the CAGERS, pretty much you're blessed with every opportunity to do just that.

Life as CAGERS, I reckon, throws us way beyond the unambiguous line of the sacred basketball court or the recurring sound of afternoon dribbles, whether you like it or not. Well, if it doesn't, would you expect those throngs of old boys to unwaveringly come back to the college basketball ground time and again, leaving their wives and kids on weekends to merely savor a moment playing with kids they barely know? Learning to play basketball in college and becoming CAGERS in this sense, for me, run parallel to learning to live a real life, and becoming a man.

Of course, at the end of the road, the success that everyone embraces is merely a team label; it does little to reflect one's true color. One still ought to jump the hurdles and wade through the road, unless he feels what he did is already enough. The biggest sin is perhaps to brag about wearing college's name while in fact you've got nothing inside your pocket.

In Mr. Liew we have a wonderful, greatest treasure one could ever ask for, while continuous support from Abang Ise, Kak Ana, Cikgu Jimmy and old boys alike as in previous years will prove to be the driving force and provide the thrust for further success. I wish the very best of luck and every success in your endeavor of retaining the cup, you guys can surely make it!
Best regards,

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The PHT North Zone Championship 2007

The Cagers have won the 5th consecutive PHT Northern Zone Championship in SMS Pokok Sena with style. The Cagers have showed that they are heads and shoulders above the rest in basketball game in the Northern Zone. The games were played with a 7 minutes non stop every quarter (a total of 28 minutes per game), despite that the Cagers managed to score an average of 56 points per game while limiting the opponent to under 14 points per game. Other schools struggled to score more than 30 points per game, with most of the game scores around 15 – 25 points per game.
The Cagers left Kuala Kangsar at 6:00 am with 22 players (12 players, 1 statistician plus 9 junior players) accompanied by Cikgu Nor Suhaimee and led by Cikgu Roslan PK KoKu plus the Debaters. They arrived safely in SMS Pokok Sena at 11:00 am. After unloading and settling down in the respective dorms, the Cagers get ready for their first game again SMS Tun Syed Sheh Shahabuddin of Penang.

31 March 2007 at 2:00 pm;
MCKK vs. SMS Tun Syed Sheh Shahabuddin of Penang:

The Cagers started well by hitting their shots, while holding the opponent to one basket. They led 16 – 2 after the 1st quarter. Mr. Liew took out the 1st five and put in the 2nd five to start the 2nd quarter. The 2nd team did well to increase the lead to 26 – 4 at the half. Mr. Liew continued rotating the second team in the 3rd quarter and the Cagers continued their excellent play by stretching the lead to 43 – 8 after the 3rd quarter. The rotation continued in the 4th quarter, all the Cagers have the opportunity to play in the game. The Cagers won the game 55 – 14.

31 March 2007 at 8:00 am;
MCKK vs. SBPI Gopeng

Mr. Liew started the game with a new combination by resting two players from the 1st five. The Cagers continued the good shooting by leading 15 – 0 after the 1st quarter. Mr. Liew continued rotating the Cagers, giving every Cagers the chance to play. The Cagers led 25 – 2 at the half. SBPI Gopeng scored 6 quick points to begin the third quarter and the supporters became rowdy and started to jeer the Cagers. Mr. Liew quickly sent in the 1st five and managed to stop SBPI Gopeng from scoring any more points. The Cagers led 34 – 8 after the third quarter. The 1st five continued playing most of the 4th quarter. When the SBPI supporters began to mellow down, Mr. Liew took out the 1st five and sent in the 2nd team to finish the game. The Cagers won 47 – 11.

31 March 2007 at 2:00 pm;
MCKK vs. SMS Teluk Intan

The 1st team started the game and set the tempo by making their shots. The 2nd team continued the hot shooting with an excellent defense. The Cagers led 28 – 4 at the half. Mr. Liew continued rotating the Cagers and they continued their hot shooting by leading 44 – 8 after the 3rd quarter. The Cagers made 5 3-pointers in the 4th quarter to finish the game a total of 8 3-pointers. The Cagers won 69 – 10 for the biggest winning margin in the tournament.

1 April 2007 at 8:00 am;
MCKK vs. SBPI Kubang Pasu

This is the lowest scoring game for the Cagers. The Cagers led 37 – 0 till late in the 4th quarter. They didn’t play their normal game by allowing SBPI to attack (under instruction from Mr. Liew!) SBPI KP just couldn’t score and the Cagers barely did any defense. SBPI KP manage to score a 3-pointer from the many ‘hail mary’ tried in the game. The Cagers won 39 – 3.

1 April 2007 at 2:00 pm;
MCKK vs SMS TS Putra, Kangar

SMSTSP was using the full-court press tactics in their previous games and they tried the same tactics against the Cagers. The Cagers were well exposed to this full court pressure tactics when they were playing in the Penang Open last year. The Cagers easily overcame the full court which resulted in easy baskets for them. The Cagers led 22 – 7 after the 1st quarter. The Cagers showed SMSTSP how to execute a proper full court pressure by using the tactics on them. SMSTSP couldn’t break the full court pressure and remain scoreless in the 2nd quarter. The Cagers led 41 – 7 at the half. Mr. Liew replaced the 1st team with the 2nd team and continued pressing them all the way. Final score; The Cagers won 63 - 19

1 April 2007 at 6:00 pm;
Semi-Final MCKK-SMS Pokok Sena:

The Cagers started sluggishly against the host. They seemed to be in slumber, not fully awake from their rest after the afternoon game. They missed their shot while defended loosely. SMS PS took the lead in the first quarter 6 – 5 to the delight of their supporters, which covered three quarter of the court. The opponent’s supporters’ excitement must have awaken the Cagers in the 2nd quarter. They started to hit their shots while defended tenaciously. SMSPS only managed to score 1 point in the quarter while the Cagers had 17 points to lead 22 – 7 at the half. The Cagers continued their excellent shooting while only allowing SMSPS 2 points after the half. The game was played under heavy rain in the second half and it affected SMSPS more than it did the Cagers. The Cagers won 50 – 9. The Cagers hit 8 3-pointers in the game despite playing in the heavy rain.

1 April 2007 at 6:00 pm;

STAR squeaked by to the final by winning their games by a very small margin (they won their games with 1, 2, 3 and 10 points margin in the preliminary rounds). STAR also managed to beat SMSTSSS 41 – 35 in overtime in the semifinal. The Cagers stamped their superiority in the first quarter by scoring 25 points and allowing STAR to score 8. The 2nd team continued the excellent overall game by leading STAR 42 – 14 at the half. The 2nd continued playing well through out the game. The Cagers won 70 – 28. The Cagers hit 7 3-pointers in the game.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The new rubberised court

The Cagers have a new spanking rubberised court. Thanks to the Koleq administrators for the lovely court.