Monday, February 25, 2008

Updates on The Cagers

The Cagers are the 2008 MSSPk KK District runner's up. They lost to SM Shing Chung Sg. Siput,65-47. Shing Chung has 1 upper six former and 4 last year's players. The Cagers lost to a better team in terms of experience and exposure. They beat SM Tsung Wah 61-52, and SM Tsung Wah Private about 16 pts.

During the MC-RMC weekend the Cagers thrashed RMC 77-27! 1st Quarter score 20-2, 2nd Quarter15-8. Half time 35 - 10. 3rd Quarter 32-6 and 4th Quarter 10-11. The basketball game is beginning to loose its luster with RMC barely giving the Cagers a decent fight. I still remember the Cagers' first away win in Sg. Besi in 1980 with the score 89 - 85. It was the highlight of the weekend games. It was the only time that RMC could sent a full strength team. During the PHT, they could only field one Chinese player at a time.

The Cagers during the line-up

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Camp 08

As with the previous years, the Cagers had their annual CNY camp. This year's edition was not compulsory for the juniors but many Form 3 Cagers decided to stay back and join the camp. 3 Form 2s stayed back as well. It was compulsory for the seniors. This year's camp went on smoothly with a lot of drills on the fast break option. A full court defense was introduced and The Cagers had difficulties in adapting the option to their already vaunted defense. Once they are more comfortable with the full court option, they will a defensive force to reckon with.

Several oldboys, especially the 05 batch came down to provide some sparring for the Cagers. They only managed to provide minimal resistance due to lack of stamina. The Cagers outran them especially in the third and fourth quarter. However, it was a valuable experience for the Cagers. It has been a while since they last played competitively.

The MSSPk will be on the 17 & 18 February. The Cagers will be playing against Shing Chung of Sg. Siput in their first game in the morning 17 February and Tsung Wah later in the afternoon. The MC-RMC weekend is on the 22 - 24 February weekend. Basketball is included this year after RMC couldn't send a team last year to KK due to other commitment. The Cagers are training hard for both, however they will be sitting for their exams immediately after the MC-RMC weekend. Their exam performance is critical if they want to play in the PHT North Zone tournament. The North Zone team will be selected based on their on and off-court performance. Hopefully we don't have to do another 'benching' incident.

The early morning training in KK

The Cagers doing the stepping drill

The Sifu showing the proper block out

The Big Dinner sponsored by Sir, Taiche and Pak Soo

The Oldboys team (80, 91,05, 06 & 07)

The Cagers and oldboys

Thank you to the Malay College admin for allowing us to have the Camp and providing the 2 apartments for our accomodations.