Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Cagers

Cagers U14 forfeited the remaining 2 games last weekend due to eye infection.  5 Form 2 Cagers were down with eyes infections, thus Sir had to give walkover to the opponents.  Too bad for the U14.  They will participate, together with the Form 3s, in the Perak U15 tournament in Cameron Highland in Nov 09.

Meanwhile, the Form 3s are catching up on their stamina training.  They are allowed to train every morning till 10 am.  They are preparing for the SBP 3-on-3 in Cyberjaya on 31st Oct, then the Perak U15 tournament in Cameron Highland.  That would be a good replacement for not having the opportunity to defend the Board of Governors Trophy (MC U15 invitation) this year.

The rest of the Cagers will be having the Final exam, all the best and good luck. Please make sure not to spend any more time under the tree!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cagers U14 in action

Cagers U14 participated in their first tournament, Taiping U14. 10 Form 2s and 2 Form 1s were selected to represent Cagers.  They played their first game this afternoon against team Simpang.  2 main players; Azmi, the Captain and Azim, the Center didn't play due to eyes infection.  The shorthanded Cagers played well to contain the Simpang team in the first half.  They were trailing by 2 points after the 1st quarter and 5 points at the half.

Simpang team overwhelmed the inexperienced Cagers in the second half.  The Cagers were spent force in the last quarter and lost 40 - 70 to Simpang.  Overall, the Cagers played well, considering this was the first game for them as Cagers.  Farhan, the First Former, was selected as the MVP for Cagers.  Well done!

Cagers U14 won their first game, beating KSK DUN Aulong team 62 - 45.  Overall, the team played well.  They managed to hit several 3-pointers.  Their third game against the defending champion.  Hopefully they can 'kalah bermaruah'.

Updates: Cagers lost the 3rd game in the tournament. 26 - 79 to the defending champion.  The cagers however, managed to surprise their opponent by playing tough in the first quarter to lose 13 - 16.  The second team was overwhelmed by the opponents in the second quarter. Lack of game experience and stamina was too obvious, thus the big losing margin.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Updates on The Cagers 2010 - Oct 2009

It has been a while since my last blog. The Under-the-tree gang gone thru their confinement period successfully and vowed never to repeat it again ;-)

Am played in the Penang under 18 tournament, representing Seberang Jaya.  He played well, managed to become a hero in a game by scoring the winning basket.  He learnt to play against bigger and matured opponents, giving him valuable experience.  Hopefully he'll be more confident facing bigger opponents in future.

Form Three Cager; Abang, Iqbal, Danial, Syam, Apez, Openg and Luqman, will be taking their PMR this wednesday.  Good luck and all the best in the exam.

We have planned several training camps for the Cagers in the next 4 months.  They will be going to Cameron Highland and Penang for the training camps.. The Year End camp will be in KK.  We will shortlist the Cagers for the camp and it will depend on their exam results and training attendance.