Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Penn State failed miserably in sad Sandusky case

I was following Sandusky - Penn State story when I chanced upon the article below.  Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach is a revered coach. He has been coaching Penn State since I was in the US (early 80s) and he is one of the successful football coaches in NCAA.

It was sad to see his career ended this way.

Note to my MCOBA Cagers head coach (Azran) and myself: We need to learn from this episode.

Got another article below from here

Does your xxxxx... 
  • make you feel like you need him or her in order to succeed?
  • spend time with your parents to win their trust or try to be a surrogate parent?
  • act differently with you in front of others?
  • try to control you (even off the field)?
  • try to separate you from your teammates or other sources of support, like your friends or parents?
  • spend a lot more time with you than with other athletes?
  • try to be alone with you?
  • give you gifts?
  • tell you not to talk about personal encounters the two of you have had?

Experts say that if you can relate to any of the above coach-athlete scenarios, something probably isn't right and you should tell someone immediately. "A teenager can stop sexual harassment before it starts," says Todd Crosset, an assistant professor of sports management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a leading expert on coach-athlete relationships. "Abusive coaches will test the waters, but if you put up any sort of resistance, they'll back off." Remember that you can say no to an adult, because this is one game a coach should not be playing.