Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spritzer Cup 2008

The Malay College & Q4G sent two teams to compete in the Spritzer Cup (Non Chinese Basketball tournament), Cagers Black and Cagers White. Cagers Black represented by the Old Cagers plus Form 4s and the Cagers White by the Juniors.

Cagers White lost both of their games to the defending champion and UTPetronas. They were overwhelmed by the bigger and experienced players from the defending champion team. They did managed to give a good fight to the UTPetronas team by leading till the third quarter. UTP used their sizes and experienced well to overwhelm the young Cagers White. Ayub 05 played as the point guard for UTPetronas.

Cagers Black won their first game against Anderson but lost their second game against team Eastern. They were overwhelmed by the bigger and experienced opponents.

It was a good outing for the Cagers to gain some playing experience eventhough they managed to play only 2 games.

The Cagers White (Juniors)

Cagers White vs UTPetronas

Cagers Black (4 Old Cagers/2 Form 5s, 2 Form 4s & 2 Form 3s)

Cagers Black vs Eastern

Friday, July 04, 2008

The New Practice Cones

This practice will benefit the juniors in honing the dribbling skills. In view of their lack in size, they need to run rings around the bigger opponents ;-)

The Form 1s watching their seniors going thru the drills.

The Cagers U14 will be playing in their first tournament. They were specially invited to play in Taiping U14 tournament. Pengetua had given his consent for the F2 Cagers to participate in Taiping U-14 Open. They will play on 25, 26 n 27 Jul, 3 matches in a row starting either at 6.00 pm or 8.00 pm.

The Cagers 09 will also participate in the Spritzer Cup. We are planning to send two teams for exposure. The first team will comprise the Form 4s and Form 2s, while the second team will comprise of Form 3s and Form 2s.