Wednesday, July 22, 2009

End of Phase 1 Training

The Cagers completed their first phase of training. The first phase training emphasis on the individual and team skills, strengthening their basics basketball skills and improve their shooting techniques.

They also participated in the Perak Non Chinese Spritzer Cup and came in third after losing to the eventual champion. 5 Cagers were selected to play for Penang in the MABA-Petronas Cup in Muar. Penang came in sixth. It was a good exposure for the 5 Cagers.

The second phase will rectify their individual weaknesses & mistakes, strengthen individual basketball skills and concepts of team defence.

They will participate in Penang U16 Open after Hari Raya. The Junior Cagers will play in Taiping U14 Open.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Petronas Cup 2009

The Penang Petronas Cup 2009

5 Cagers plus 2 Old Cagers

5 Cagers are involved in the on going Petronas Cup in Muar, Johor. They represented team Penang. They managed to enter the second round despite losing two and winning one in the first round. They won against Sarawak but lost to Perlis and Negeri Sembilan. They were grouped together with Johor and Selangor in the second round. Penang lost to Johor yesterday, next game against Selangor will be tomorrow, Friday.

The Cagers benefited a lot from the tournament. They are exposed to play with bigger and better opponents. This will prepare them to reclaim the PHT again, insyaallah.

Update: Penang lost all their games in the second round. They lost to Johor (eventual Champion) and Selangor in the second round. They also lost to Police for the fifth/sixth placing. Qassim was selected to be in the 22 players squad.