Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Party

Cagers celebrated Chip's, Ammar's and Izzat's birthday this month. Sir bought them the birthday cake. Happy 16th guys.

MSSPk KK District 09

Cagers participated in another tournament, MSSPk KK District. They played against the defending champion, SM Shing Chung of Sg. Siput. Cagers lost badly. They shot terribly, making only 16 out of 77 shots! The bigger Shing Chung players successfully intimidated the Cagers.

Cagers rebounded by beating SM Tsung Wah in the second game 45 - 41, thus becoming KK Town Champion! Cagers struggled after a hectic week, started with the OBWeekend, Perak U16 and MSSPk. They played more than 10 games in a week. They will be playing their last game in MSSPk tomorrow against Tsung Wah Private.

Updates: Cagers won against Tsung Wah Private. The second team played well to win by more than 30 points. 4 Cagers were selected to represent KK District: Syai, Am, Ammar & Abang. However they have to decline the offer due to the coming mid year exam. They have to perform in their exam to ensure they will be in the team in the Finals.

They will be going to Penang for several friendlies and R&R next week, during the labour day weekend. Hopefully they can stay charged for the National Finals.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Perak U16 part 2

Cagers + 2 won their third game against Eric Sports of Taiping 69 - 59 in the Perak U16 tournament. They played well to contain the bigger opponents. They managed to hit 8 3-pointers in the game. The town folkes were surprised to see Cagers + 2 played so well.

The last group game was against HNL of Taiping. The Cagers couldn't overcame the size different and HNL used them effectively to control the board and pound the Cagers + 2 inside. The Cagers lost badly at the half, they fought back in the the third quarter to narrow the score to single digit. Cagers maintained the pressure tp unsettle HNL. They couldn't sustained the tempo and HNL hit 3 quick 3-pointers to subdue the Cagers. Cagers lost 47 - 69.

It was a good tournament for the Cagers. They were up against bigger opponents. They will be facing the same styled opponents in the Nationals later. The Cagers learnt to defend against bigger oponents. It will be useful in the Finals later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Perak U16 tournament

10 Cagers plus 2 Tsung Wah players were selected to represent Kuala Kangsar District in the Perak U16 tournament in Taiping. Their first game was against Sungei Siput.

They started well by leading at the half. However, they couldn't kept the intensity in the second half and made too many passing mistakes. Sungei Siput continued pressuring KK team. KK lost 46 - 50. Next game against Taiping on Monday 5:30 pm.

OBW 2009

Cagers played a total of 4 games against the oldboys during the OBW. Cagers won all the games, overwhelming the oldboys with their speed and stamina. The oldboys tried using their size advantage but to no avail. It was a good experience for the Cagers to play against the bigger opponents. Q4G managed to raise RM3000 during the OBW. Thank you oldboys for buying the warmup shirts and the basketballs. See you all in Sri Putri!!