Sunday, June 06, 2010

Comments from the Coach

Yes, losing 2 main players in the 1st 5 min really made a world of difference, especially AM who's our tallest/best player! Had he not been injured accidentally, and if we're the winner, AM would be voted as the MVP, undoubtedly!

Only after the game was over then I came to know from Dr Sallehin and his beloved wife Dr Narimah, both of them're busily attending to Am, how serious and critical was his freak injury!!! According to Dr Sallehin, blood's literally "springing out' from AM's nose and he took quite sometime to put a stop to it! AM could only resume his play in the last 7 min. Even by then the score's marginally shown with a slim 4-6 points different, to our disadvantage!
As a coach, I'll humbly shoulder the full responsibility for failing to bring back the trophy to koleq.My only consolation is:cagers'd redeemed their pride in beating MOZAC 12 points,SEMASHUR twice, 18 & 24 points, respectively! From this view point, Cagers'd successfully accomplished the mission in their path of redemption, though admittedly I'd failed to achieve the other intended objective of QUEST FOR GLORY (Q4G)!

At this juncture, I would like to register my heartfelt appreciations,in general, to all those who've thus far supported Q4G, be it morally and financially! Equally, I would like to tender my special thanks, particularly to Dr Sallehin, hardly could I imagine without your medical assistance what'd happen to Ammar who's attacked by a severe cramp from 11.15 pm on 1 JUN till 4.00 am on 2 JUN, Dr Narimah, who's now actively/effectively playing 'another' motherly role side by side with Ana. Dr Siti Rohani who'd sent Am for an X-ray at the hospital of Machang, YBhg Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz who's always readily rendered his sport science knowledge to me and the Cagers, MCOBA KELANTAN for their warm hospitality, YB Dato' Saifuddin and Datin Norlin for their special care in arranging such a nice/comfortable accommodation for this 'old' coach.....well, well, well, far too many kind-hearted supporters I can list them down here..... A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you.....MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS ALL OF YOU!"
Cagers 2010

Friday, June 04, 2010

PHT 2010 Report

Cagers 2010 with MCOBA Kelantan
Syukur, Alhamdulillah, the Cagers have qualified for the Piala Hamdan Tahir National finals for the 8th consecutive times as North Zone Champions.  This year, 2010 Hari Kecemerlangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP) is held in SMS Pasir Puteh, Kelantan from 31st May till 4th June 2010.
This year 9 teams were divided in three groups; A, B and C.  The Cagers were group together with SMS Hulu Selangor (Semashur) and SMS Sultan Muzaffar Shah (Mozac), the death group of the tournament. Semashur and Mozac were last year’s semifinalists and both have beaten Cagers in 2009. The boys were placed at SMS Machang for the whole tournament.  After suffering upset losses in 2009, the Cagers were eager to show what they can do in 2010. 

MC Cagers vs. MOZAC
1st June 2010, 5:00 pm Court 2, SMS Pasir Puteh
The game was scheduled at SMS Machang at 3:00 pm but was postponed due to rain and played at SMS Pasir Puteh after the girls games were move to an indoor court.  El, Ammar, Am, Iqbal and Syafiq Ihsan started cautiously for Cagers against Mozac.  The nervousness was apparent in the early minutes.  However, they played excellent defense in the first quarter by limiting Mozac to only 5 points and scoring 14 points themselves.  In the 2nd quarter, Cagers’ 2nd team had troubled containing Mozac’s guards.  They managed to score a lot from the fast breaks and narrowed the score at the half.  Cagers still led 32 – 26.
Cagers regrouped in the third quarter and managed to slow down Mozac.  Cagers led 44 – 36 after the 3rd quarter.  Cagers continued their excellent defence in the 4th quarter and their better stamina helped to close down Mozac.  Cagers won 64 – 52.
Offensively, the Cagers struggled however the defence improved as the game continued. The main players were used sparingly in the game because the Cagers have another important later tonight.

MC Cagers vs. Semashur
1st June 2010 9:45 pm, Court 5, SMS Machang
Semashur played in the morning and were rested, while Cagers finished their previous game against Mozac at 6:45 pm.  The winner will top the group.  The Cagers were sluggish early in the game. However they defended superbly against the bigger Semashur players.  Cagers controlled the board well by blocking out much taller players. Cagers led 21 – 7 after the 1st quarter.
Semashur took advantage of their size in the 2nd quarter after Cagers showed signs of tiredness. Cagers managed to keep the game close in the 2nd quarter to lead 36 – 24.  Cagers rested several starters in the 3rd quarter, second team struggled against Semashur first team.  Cagers managed to hold to lead 50 – 41 after 3rd quarter.  The 4th quarter were played at a slower pace as both teams rested the main players for tomorrow’s morning 2nd round game.  The second team took advantage and overwhelmed Semashur’s second team.  Cagers won 67 – 49.
Cagers were drawn together with SESMA and SMS Kuching in the second round; while SDAR, SBPI Gombak and Semashur were in the other group.  Ammar suffered body cramps after the game and he was badly affected for the whole tournament.

MC Cagers vs. SESMA
2nd June 2008, 3.00 pm Court 5, SMS Machang
The Cagers started well and controlled the game from the start.  Their main mission in the game is to slow down Siddiq, Sesma main player and captain.  The Cagers managed to control Siddiq by double teaming him whenever he had the ball and completely deny him when he hadn’t.  The game plan worked and the Cagers led 25 – 5 after 1st quarter.  The 2nd team continued the excellent play and continued denying Siddiq the ball.  The Cagers led 33 – 15 at the half.
The main players were rested because the Cagers have a night game later against SMS Kuching, the defending Champion.  However, the 2nd team continued playing well.  Sesma couldn’t answer Cagers aggressive defending and fast breaks. Cagers led 67 – 29 after the 3rd quarter.  In the 4th quarter, Cagers continued to cruise along and won 89 – 39.  Cagers’ best game in the tournament.
Words of encouragement from Coach

MC Cagers vs. SMS Kuching
2nd June 2010, 9:00 pm Court 5, SMS Machang
The game against SMS Kuching started cautiously.  SMS Kuching was well rested by playing a game earlier in the morning.  Cagers had just finished their game against Sesma at 5:30pm.  The 1st quarter started slowly, Cagers were trying to figure out SMS Kuching game plan. Cagers trailed 11 – 20 after the 1st quarter.  The 2nd quarter, Cagers gave a better performance and managed to narrow down the score to trail SMS Kuching 25 – 31 at the half.  The 3rd quarter started well with the Cagers defending superbly.  The Cagers took the lead after 3rd quarter 46 – 39.
Semashur created an upset by beating the favorite team SDAR on the other court.  Semashur topped group X and will play runners up group Y in the semifinal.   With that news, Cagers decided to meet Semashur in the semifinal.  The main players were rested while Cagers were still leading.  The 2nd team couldn’t handle SMS Kuching and lost the game 56 – 68.
Cagers were Group Y runners up and will meet Semashur in the semifinal while SMS Kuching will play SDAR in the other semifinal, a repeat of 2009 final.
MCOBs at the game

MC Cagers vs. SMS Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR)
3rd June 2010, 9:00 am Court 5, SMS Machang
Cagers started aggressively against Semashur.  They held Semashur to 14 points while scoring 17 in the 1st quarter.  Cagers continued their excellent play by limiting Semashur to only 9 points in the 2nd quarter while scoring 26 to lead 43 – 23 at the half.  The 2nd team continued the game after the main players were rested.  They managed to hold Semashur at bay in the 3rd quarter to lead 63 – 43.  The 4th quarter saw the Cagers increased the lead by playing good defence and scoring with the fast breaks.  Cagers won 86 – 62 and will meet SMS Kuching in the final.  The decision to rest the main players in the game against SMS Kuching earlier was justified.
Cagers' bench and supporters

The Final
MC Cagers vs. SMS Kuching
4th June 2010, 8:30 am Court B, SMS Pasir Puteh
Cagers were represented by their main five after Ammar managed to recover from his injuries suffered during the 2nd game.  Cagers started superbly by playing tight 2-1-2 zone defense.  Cagers managed to stop SMS Kuching's penetrations and forced them shoot from outside.  Cagers executed the offense plays well and Am was playing superbly defensively and offensively.  Cagers were leading after 6 minutes of play.  However Am broke his nose after going for an offensive rebound and Ammar took a nasty knock on his thigh while trying to score in the next play.  Both of them were out of the game and Cagers struggled without them.  3 team doctors attended to Am's nonstop bleeding and broken nose.
Cagers trailed 10 – 13 after 1st quarter.  Despite losing 2 main players, Cagers regrouped and managed to hold the bigger SMS Kuching players at bay in the 2nd quarter to trail 26 – 29 at the half.  Shah and Izzat played well in place of injured Am and Ammar.  Cagers managed to keep it close after 3rd Quarter 36 – 40.  In the 4th quarter, SMS Kuching began to take advantage of their bigger sizes and start penetrating again to create easy baskets.  Cagers trailed by 4 points with 4 minutes to go and decided to gamble by putting Am back in, with the ok from the doctors.  Am was badly affected by his injury and tried to keep the Cagers close by scoring several baskets.  In the eagerness to attack, Cagers were exposed defensively and SMS Kuching took advantage to score several baskets on quick counter attacks.   The 3 pointers were not falling for Cagers as well.  SMS Kuching won 60 – 50 to retain their championship.
It was a heartbreaking loss for Cagers, they played gallantly and keeping the game close despite losing 2 main players early in the game.  The strategies were working well with the main players on the court.  However it wasn’t meant to be.  The struggle continues….
Am playing with cotton in his nose

On behalf of the Q-4-G team, I would like to express our deepest appreciations to the following:

  •                Mr. Liew for his undying commitment in driving The Cagers to excellence.
·       The MCKK HM, Mr. Rauhi; PK 1 Mr. Safuan; PK HEM Mr. Fairuz; PK Kokurikulum, Tn. Hj. Roslan; Cikgu Rizal and Cikgu Fatimah, MCKK staff and supporters who were involved directly or indirectly towards achieving a higher level of excellence in MCKK basketball.
·         The continuous support from MCOBA, especially Mr. President TS Mac
·         Support from MCKK Foundation, especially JakLi ’76.
·         YB Dato’ Saifuddin for the excellent lodging in Machang.
·         MCOBA Kelantan for the hosting Cagers in Machang, support and cheers during games;
·         MCOBA Northern Chapter for hosting Cagers in Sg. Petani during the North Zone tournament
·         Old Cagers; thank you for your invaluable contributions and endless moral support towards the project.  Once a Cager, always a Cager!
·         Brothers Uniqorn 76 – 80 for the support.