Friday, January 28, 2011

Annual CNY Camp

The Cagers will be having their annual CNY camp.  This time it will be in KK.  The Cagers will go back home on Friday, 28th January. They will report back on Sunday, 30th January.

Cagers' trainings are way behind schedule, hopefully this CNY will make it up.

Hopefully the Cagers will do the annual Keris run on their own this year.  All the best and enjoy the camp, guys. We will be there in spirit and just a phone call away.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

MSSPk X Country 2011

The KK District X-Country Champion 2011 - the Malay College

Cagers 2011 participated in the recent MSSPk KK District X-Country 2011 at SM Bukit Mercu.  U18 category, Iqbal came in 1st followed by Md. Syafiq Ihsan in 5th and Zulnurain in 6th. U 15 category, Syahmi Munir came in 1st, Nabil Aiman 6th and Syahmi in 10th.  Overall MCKK became the district Champion. Congrats Cikgu Badri, the New PK Koku, on his first KK District Champion and we pray there will be more to come.

Not bad for the Cagers, running at 65% of the ability.  Be prepare when they will be running at 100% :-).  6 Cagers represented in the U15 category and 3 in the U18 category.